Video: Homeowner Saves Fawn as Doe Watches On


Todd Dierdorff of Colorado Springs found himself in the role of a rescue worker recently when he found a deer fawn trapped in his window well. With its mother still nearby and anxiously watching events, Dierdorff knew it was up to him to retrieve the helpless animal. According to WFLA, the homeowner called a local animal rescue group for instructions on how to handle the baby deer.

After speaking with the rescue group, Dierdorff was able to lift the fawn out and put it back on solid ground.

“After a brief panic, it stopped running around in the well and let me hand it out to its mother. They wandered off, happily,” he wrote in the description of a video he uploaded to YouTube.

It is a common misconception that fawns touched by humans will be rejected by their mothers. Does may seem aloof with their young, but that is because fawns have a better chance of survival if left alone. Newborn deer are naturally scentless and blend in well with low foliage, so their mothers seemingly abandon them for hours at a time.

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