Video: 500-pound Grouper Breaks Rod Designer’s Pole in Half


Testing out a new rod is not usually a dangerous affair, but it can quickly turn into one when you have a 500-pound grouper on the line. Anglers Alex Stevens and Joshua Jorgensen were filming off the coast of Florida when Stevens decided to try out a new rod with a stand-up harness. Stevens is best known as the founder and designer behind Beserker Rods, a custom rod company based out of Pennsylvania.

The rod Steven had on-hand was custom-built specifically for the harness, but that mattered little against the awesome power of the grouper. In the video below, you can see Stevens straining against the rod as it bends and finally breaks under the pressure.

“The 200-pound-rated line snapped like a piece of thread and the piece of the rod that I was holding almost smacked me in the head,” Jorgensen told GrindTV. “I am very thankful that no one got hurt.”

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