In the courts of popular opinion, few animals are as cute or lovable as a baby deer. That is doubly true when the small critters require human help. According to this video posted to YouTube by Justin Lewis, two men were clearing trees to make way for some electric line when they found a fawn tangled in thorns. After cutting the animal free, they found that it had acquired a taste for being held. Every time they try to put the fawn down, it would bleat, much to their amusement.

The fawn was released and stayed near the work site for several hours until the workers noticed a doe watching from a distance. Thinking it was the fawn’s mother, the men reunited the pair and watched them leave gratefully.

Although it must be said that handling a wild animal is never a wise idea, sometimes these curious creatures do find themselves in a tight spot. Wildlife officials suggest helping deer fawns only if they need immediate assistance. Fawns are often not in the custody of a doe, especially in the first several weeks after its birth. During this time the fawn will try to stay low to the ground and use its natural camouflage to avoid predators.

Image screenshot of video by Justin Lewis on YouTube.

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