World-renowned shooter Jerry Miculek’s no stranger to jaw-dropping feats of speed and accuracy, but a video released earlier today on his YouTube channel may take the ballistic cake. Using a Smith & Wesson 929 revolver that carries his name topped with a Vortex Razor Red Dot, Miculek takes aim at a balloon taped to a steel plate 1,000 yards out. After loosing one shot that lands low, Jerry finds his mark.

Note added 8-5-2014: Many have commented on YouTube that it’s possible a projectile fragment from a hit on “simply” the plate could be what pops the balloon. That may, in fact, be the case.

Image screenshot of video by on YouTube

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11 thoughts on “Video: Jerry Miculek Pops Balloon at 1,000 Yards with 9mm Revolver

  1. alright so yeah, he shot a bullet, the balloon popped, it was 1000 yards away, but he didn’t shoot the balloon from 1000 yards, he shot the very large steel plate and a fragment from the bullet hit the balloon, certainly not as impressive as they made it seem… Still a great shot no doubt…

  2. Hey the bullet came in from above the balloon at such a steep angle that it hit the balloon first before the steel. The angle would be near vertical, allowing for the low steel impact, yet breaking balloon first. Also would cause most if not all of the fragments to be scattered down.

  3. Okay, here’s the deal: When a someone can post a video proving that they broke a world record, hit a steel plate that size at that distance, with a 9mm revolver, THEN they can gripe about how this balloon was “just popped by a fragment.” Fair enough?

  4. Mike wasn’t a fragment that popped the balloon. Remember the call, first shot low. The mark he points to was the first shot low.

    1. Read again, “grantar2”, even Jerry admits it’s probably a fragment. First shot didn’t hit the steel target, turn up the volume and watch it again.

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