Seeing a bear walk upright is not a cosmically rare event, but it is rather unusual. This is doubly so if the bear continues to walk that way for a period of time—some may even find the sight eerie. According to Good Morning America, 22-year-old Ian Bohman recorded a bear taking a walk on the human side in Jefferson Township, New Jersey.

“I was walking out to my car and turned the corner and there it was just walking straight up the street,” Bohman said. “It stopped and looked at me and I pulled out my cell phone and it kept walking.”

A local wildlife expert speculated that the most likely reason for the bear walking on its hind legs is that it was hit by a car, possibly injuring one of its front limbs. Bohman suspects that the bear has been in the area for some time.

Whatever the case, there is no doubt that the video is worth a watch. It also makes you wonder whether Jefferson Township has a reputation for bigfoot sightings.

Image screenshot of video by Ian Bohman on YouTube.

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