Odds are, if you live near Florida or South Carolina, you’ve seen a sabal palm before. After all, it is the state tree of both those states, and can grow just about anywhere. What you may not know is that the sabal palm is edible, and was highly valued by both early Americans and settlers for its cabbage-like bud. Also known as “Florida crackers,” heart of the palm can be eaten raw or cooked with meat. In the video below, Deermeatfordinner shows us how to harvest a sabal palm and make a rich stew out of it.

Be aware that harvesting a sabal palm’s terminal bud will kill the plant because without it, the palm can no longer grow new leaves.



Image screenshot of video by deermeatfordinner on YouTube.

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One thought on “Video: How to Cook “Swamp Cabbage”

  1. I like your recipe. I cook my Swamp cabbage with some different ingredient but going to try your way. I can almost smell it cooking. Awesome video.

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