When experimenting with firearms, there are some ideas that are dangerous and then there are ideas that you probably should be afraid of even thinking of. While this may not fall into the latter category, it may be close. Drawing off the idea of Rac-Em-Bac’s Bow Mag, a bullet-tipped arrow, YouTube’s Demolition Ranch has created a spear variant. The idea is simple—insert a Glock 9mm barrel into the end of a stick, place a cartridge inside the barrel with a nail right behind it, and hit it against something hard.

Bam. Needless to say, do not attempt this at home.

You might actually be reminded of a bangstick, which works on a similar principle but eschews the barrel. When used, bangsticks rely on the muzzle blast to do most of the damage, which explains why even blanks can be used effectively in a bangstick to hunt game. A barrel however, will focus the energy in one specific direction. Find out what happens below.

Image screenshot of video by DemolitionRanch on YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Video: The Ballistic Spear

  1. From an engineer’s point of view the possibilities with this are actually endless. However, backyard engineering in a case like this is pure stupidity.

  2. So you swept your hand over the end of the barrel several times with this abortion was live and could fire. Good job buddy, your lucky to have all of your fingers.

  3. Cool idea. Just needs some good engineering behind it, could actually be useful. If somebody is stupid enough to do this without properly researching the forces involved, then they deserve what they get. The video did have a warning at the beginning. I am not my brother’s keeper.

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