Sixense Entertainment is working on a wireless, motion-tracking platform for virtual reality called the STEM system. In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, Sixense displays the technology’s startlingly good imitation of a shooting range in someone’s living room. Although the STEM system is designed primarily for video games, it may not be a huge leap for the technology to be used for firearms training as well. In fact, the technology’s full-body motion tracking—four limbs and head—may yield potential for a number of training purposes, such as archery, darts, or even fencing. Unsurprisingly, one of the first things that the developers worked on was a lightsaber program.

We just wish the demonstrator would stop looking down the gun’s barrel. It may be virtual, but some things should never work their way into your muscle memory.

Image screenshot of video by sixensent on YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Virtual Gun Range in Your Living Room

  1. It is a clever simulation but in no way could be used for “training”. The measures required to eject a spent magazine, rack the slide and return to target acquisition is not “realistic” enough. The smaller muscle memory training that is involved in performing such tasks is far more specific than waiving some sensor along the bottom of the “gun”. Personally, I would NEVER use such an instrument for real “training”. Additionally, this moron is quite obviously NOT a real firearms handler and if he is, I would not want to be anywhere near him on a range.

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