A 57-year-old fishermen identified as Tran Van Lanh was killed on Monday after he was ambushed by a crocodile in Australia’s Adelaide River. According to the AAP, Lanh was attempting to free a snagged fishing line when he was attacked by a rare, but well-known albino crocodile that local river boat captains nicknamed “Michael Jackson.” The animal had been frequently spotted swimming in the river and was considered a popular attraction for tourists. Shortly after the attack police and wildlife officers tracked the nearly 15-foot albino crocodile by boat, eventually shooting and killing it.

“They know how to do three major things: eat, reproduce and aggression […] if you’re not going to look after yourself, you’ll find yourself being eaten,” said Rob Marchand, owner of a river boat cruise company that operates in the Adelaide River.

Marchand and other tour operators said that the large crocodile gave visitors a thrill whenever it surfaced, but that did not mean it was not a dangerous predator as well. Albinism is not uncommon in crocodile hatchlings, but few ever survive to adulthood. The colorization makes the animal vulnerable to predators and even its own kind. For this particular individual to have reached adulthood, experts say that it may have been especially dominant.

“This particular croc had lots of scars, missing limbs, a huge bite out of his flank. He’d been through the wars,” crocodile researcher Adam Britton told ABC News.

The “wars” that Britton mentioned are aggressive territorial battles between large crocodile males. Pat Chappell, a tour guide, said that the albino crocodile could be regularly seen patrolling the waters and trailing after river boats. Experts visited the site where the attack occurred and said that it was a likely place for an ambush to happen. The Daily Mail reported that Lanh was fishing with his wife when he went into the water. Paramedics later treated his wife for shock, while Lanh’s body was recovered later in the day.

Wildlife officials are cautioning residents not to overreact to the latest crocodile attack, which was the third this year. Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles addressed the issue, saying that the crocodile population in the region is fast becoming a problem, but experts are working on a plan that could utilize a combination of culling and safari hunts.

You can watch video of police hunting for the crocodile below:

Image screenshot of video by Maxnews Online on YouTube.

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20 thoughts on “Albino Crocodile Kills Australian Angler Retrieving Snagged Line

  1. What a shame. Rare animal that survived everything that tried to kill it. We destroyed it after going into its territory….. Will people ever coexist with nature?

      1. Thats where your wrong, how can you say humans are more important then animals? Are we not mammals as well? I guess were just the more important animal right? If you are fishing in a place known to be infested with crocs especially if one nearby is known infamously to be more agressive due to his survival into adulthood as an albino then its your fault. As to the tard that said a human with a soul and an animal well theres the ignorance of humanity at its purest. To say an animal doesnt have a soul is ridiculous. I dont care if your religious or not dont matter. Animals were here first NOT humans. Also animals can co exist with each other in balance and harmony throughout the entire planet. You know who cant live in harmony without destruction? PEOPLE…….

      2. Your coming to a hunting website, preaching saving animals ? You need to realize hunters are probably the most compasionate and contributing people when it comes to conservation efforts. Between culling excess population ( For safety and to prevent them starving to death during the winter), funding of wildlife enviroment protection and upgrades through the purchasing of license and permits, and promoting weapon safety, hunters and fishermen do more every year than PETA, and the other “protecting” animal groups will ever do.

      3. But the man had already been killed and the croc was only doing what comes naturally to them. Could they not have recovered the body and let it go at that? If we as a species were to take your words at face value shouldn’t we just exterminate all apex predators because they pose a threat to humans? That would leave us as a species in a hell of a lousy place to be sure.

      1. Dont swim with them smart guy. Co exist means give and take not take and take. I can swim in a pool, lake, beach anywhere except where deadly dangerous animals live. Glad to see you thought out your remark well though

  2. What a shame the crocodile is dead? Are you a sociopath? You can’t feel? Can’t you tell the difference between a person with a soul and a cold blooded reptile? I suppose you became confused while loving yourself in the mirror. NOT A RARE ANIMAL!! Lots of albinism. Albinism is a flaw, not a rare, unique, nor admirable trait. The only thing rare is that an abnormal specimen generally doesn’t make it to adulthood. Natures way of eliminating an inferior gene. It was men that essentially allowed the inferior specimen to survive to adulthood. The article states that the “folks” were aware of this particular animal for a long time. It was a local “personality”. It lived where there was not a lot of competition from other crocs. It was abnormal because it stayed in an area frequented by human scourge, while the more normal crocodiles tried to avoid us. It was suspected the animal was to have been defective in the brain too. Abnormally aggressive. Shall people disappear? All we can eat is tofu? What about our God given sovereignty as man? Oh yeah, to you that probably doesn’t exist. Are people extraterrestrial? We came from outer space. We are anomalies. We entered the crocs territory? Isn’t it man’s territory too? In fact, I’ve learned that it is man’s domain, and we are stewards of our environment. You’ve done so little to be an integral part of your environment that you don’t even have a basic understanding of the animal kingdom. In addition you are so insulated from reality, that you believe your own fantasy. I am embarrassed by you.

    1. For you to think this planet belongs to man and not nature shows your ignorance. World was here long before man and will exist long after were gone. Oh and that embarrassment your feeling is towards yourself and your remarks. Notice how mine were neutral ( co exist ) and yours were aggressive and 1 sided ( mans domain ). Perhaps if you are lucky you will awaken and open your eyes before life has passed you by. Even better maybe you will come back in another lifetime as an animal so you can see just how wrong your beliefs are. Good day.

      1. Excuse me, I didn’t realize you were so religious! Reincarnation is tenet of Hinduism. Are you a Hindu? I’m not so I guess I won’t be coming back as an animal. Professor, didn’t you say men were mammals too? Or did we just get dumped here by God or aliens in our present state? I’m aggressive? Read what you wrote! The death of a man is of no consequence. You referred to him as a “tard”. You are the one to start lashing out with angry insults. Your intolerance is enough to make me wretch. You are a BIGOT! You are a walking/talking, self glorifying, contradiction. Your opinions aren’t even connected. You rant from all angles, illustrating that you don’t understand any of them. The truth isn’t aggressive, except to those who can’t understand or won’t understand. You are so typical. That is the arguing process all you progressive liberals use. You state your case as if you wrote the rules. Then when you receive a rebuttal you go to a rant, where you, deny, defame, and try to “call in” fellow jackals to also start with the insults, etc. It did not sell your argument. In your “mob” mentality I’m sure you felt effective, but your ignorance and impotence is evident. I won’t bother “wishing” you a good day, I’m sure in your mind you are.

  3. I wish the croc was still alive and that Grumpy and Steward were dead. Go suck on that one you filthy planet destroying Neo-cons!

    1. No one said the man went into the water. Crocodiles hunt better from the edges of the water. They pretty much don’t hunt from in the water. YOUR ignorance is a neon light.

      1. I think the article did say he went in the water towards the end when it talks about his wife in shock..

        But a bigger question: why do libs, tree huggers, ect. on one hand insist that we live in peace and harmony with nature because we’re all part of nature, yet get all offended when we naturally respond? Why do they want to deny humanity it’s natural place in the ecosystem? Have they never been outdoors?

        Animals kill each other all the time! And not just for food as I’m sure they’ll claim. They often kill territorially. Look at a lion pride. An incoming male will murder all the cubs of a defeated rival. Where are the libs yelling at the lion to live in harmony??

        You people (and I mean that with all do offense) make me sick. Your little brains are twisted.

      2. Thanks Stephen, excuse me, you are right. I realize I didn’t reference the article correctly. I should have looked at it again. I was additionally incorrect as I claimed “Mark” called the man a “tard”. It was me he was referring to. My point was still made however. Lord “Mark” is still a bigot, and was still the one to go to insults as part of his so called argument. Excellent points btw. What about whitetail deer, they kill each other every year just for quickie. Hey Mark, how do you measure a soul in an animal/person that would do such a thing?

  4. I really enjoy reading stuff like this!!! It is very entertaining!!!! The article was interesting . . but the banter here is unreal!!! Oh the human race is something isn’t it!!!! My grandma always said opinions are like a$$holes . . every body has one!!! I find it kind of hard to believe that no one here has brought up the fact that they named this croc Michael Jackson yet . . . oh boy!!! The vicious cycle . . eat or be eaten!!!!!! Me personally would never put myself in a situation where I could be eaten . . just my personal preference!!!

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