While most saltwater angers may worry about the odd shark stealing their catch, few fish do it with as much gusto as a grouper. These behemoth denizens of the oceans think little of gulping down even a four-foot blacktip shark, as the one in this video does. Blacktips are large predators in their own right, capable of growing well past six feet and more likely to snack on groupers than the other way around, but not this time. This opportunistic grouper finds the struggling shark on the line and quickly snaps it away in one bite, leaving the angler holding an empty line.

According to the video description, the footage was taken near Bonita Springs, Florida earlier this month.

Image screenshot of video by Gimbb14 on YouTube.

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One thought on “Video: Large Grouper Eats Angler’s Hooked Shark

  1. As incredible as that was, what it illustrates is what the Goliath grouper is doing to all species on the reef. They are not endangered, the rest of the fishery is. We need to be able to take some of those things just to let other species propagate. They aren’t holy either.

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