FPSRussia’s Dmitri Potapoff—perhaps better known to family, friends, and government agencies as Kyle Myers—gives a rare Q&A session with his viewers. One of YouTube’s best-known personalities in the firearm department, Kyle has built up a large following over the years. That, coupled with his over-the-top Russian persona, naturally leads to rumors and outlandish theories. In this video Kyle decides to clear the air and also answer some popular fan questions.

Sadly, Kyle did not get his firearm-handling skills from an elite, Spetsnaz-commando-paratrooper-professional operator-Tier One-training school. Instead, his experience is one that many of us can relate to: growing up in Georgia hunting deer and shooting clays with his pops.


If you’re a bit dissapointed that Kyle never explained how he gets all the neat toys he gets to play with in the Q&A video, its because he already covered that in another upload. You can see that one below.

Image screenshot of video by MoreFPSRussia on YouTube.

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