Meet Hunter Cayll, a spirited young marksman who calls himself an amateur defense shooter. Known to his friends lightheartedly as “Nubbs,” Cayll can often be found at the range shooting a wide assortment of firearms. Not surprisingly, he’s pretty accurate. There is a catch, however—Cayll has no hands.

He doesn’t let that stop him from what he loves. Even with a lack of fingers, Cayll manages to run his firearms with dexterity and grace. You can watch him do a mag swap below.

Here is another video of Cayll shooting a rifle and handgun:

Due to his rising popularity on the internet, Cayll decided to upload a few more videos of himself on his Facebook page. Be sure to head over there and give him a like, he also has a few videos of himself shooting 3-gun and a SPAS-12 shotgun.

Image screenshot of video by EasyBakeGunClub on YouTube.

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