While hunting in Langley Ranch in Centerville, Texas, Marcus of Hunting with Marcus and Chris managed to land a lethal shot on two hogs. Two-for-one shots are always unique and exhilarating—akin to a feat of athletic prowess—but sportsmen and women are careful to make sure it is an ethical shot as well. According to the hunters, both hogs died shortly after the incident and were harvested.

“The first hog was hit through both lungs and ran approximately 20 yards before expiring,” Chris and Marcus commented. “The second hog as you observed was hit further back then any hunter would like, that includes us, but also received a fatal blow to the liver and ran approximately 50 yards before expiring. We always strive to make the best and most ethical shot as I’m sure all ethical hunters do, we will never master perfection but that won’t stop us from trying.”

That is a lot of bacon—and two less invasive hogs in Texas to boot!

Image screenshot of video by MarcusChrisHunting on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Young Crossbow Hunter Bags Two Feral Hogs with One Shot

  1. Joe and Randy at Langley have some good hogs there to offer. I’ll be there again in November to get mine. Hats off to the Langley Ranch, and to Joe, Sue and Randy, fo r doing such a great job with their hunters. Bill Christopher/Spring,Texas

  2. Used to shoot ducks two or 3 at a time back when we had the best keep secret lake and the 10 bird/10pt each system. Almost Nothing but pens, widgeons by the thousands! I’ve seen two deer killed with a single rifle shot, but it seems this young man purposefully waited to stick two hogs at once. That would make him a wise hunter indeed. I’m glad they recovered both animals. I’d rather stick ’em with an old ’06 because cancer no longer allows me to boy hunt. KUDOs to the young hunter and his dad for giving him the opportunity to carry on the traditions that hunters enjoy, appreciate & understand!

  3. I don’t see why this would be an ethical shot in any way. That bolt has incredibly diminished energy after passing through the first hog. How is shooting at an animal that has an animal behind it ethical. This is the kind of stuff that makes ethical hunters look bad.

  4. Jerk666 that name fits your to a “T”. I would prefer that you would be called —hole. The kid deserves a pat on the back. Wish he could have gotten more. These hogs are more than a nuisance.

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