For prairie dogs, having a burrow is absolutely necessary to their survival. Filled with ventilation ports, nursery chambers, observation posts, and up to six entrances, these luxury homes act as a fort against the elements and predators. Prairie dog burrows are also built so they can be evacuated quickly. Unfortunately for one chubby critter, it found out that it was just a bit too wide to fit through the entrance.

In this recently released video, a couple driving along in Russia’s Olkhon Island discovered a prairie dog in need of some aid. Despite the animal’s frantic attempts to free itself, the motorists step in and finally dislodge the small critter, allowing it to run off and hopefully get some exercise.

Image screenshot of video by PsihAL on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Couple Saves Chubby Prairie Dog Stuck in Hole

  1. Should have let nature take it’s course. A small predator or bird of prey could have enjoyed an easy meal instead of having to work so hard for eats. The will to survive might have caused “fatso” to work hard enough to enlarge the hole and free itself. Never doubt that will.

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