Last week the California state Senate and Assembly passed Senate Bill 808, which is known to some as the “ghost gun” bill. Sponsored by Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), the legislation would require homemade or self-assembled firearms to be registered with the Department of Justice. The bill would also mandate the inclusion of a permanent metal component in 3D-printed firearms so those guns can be picked up by metal detectors.

“This bill takes a modest approach to address these new threats to public safety and further serves as a model for the entirety of the United States as gun violence grossly escalates in our country,” read a statement from Senator de Leon’s office on Friday.

The bill was introduced eight months ago with widespread support from gun control advocates, including the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence. At the time, de Leon stated that the bill would not ban homemade firearms, but simply hold them to the same standards of factory-produced guns. However, gun rights groups in California say that the bill could have more far-ranging consequences than simple registration.

“SB 808 would mean that law-abiding gun owners who follow the law completely would be deprived of their right to sell or transfer serialized, registered home-built firearms,” Brandon Combs, president of the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL), told “They couldn’t even pass their legally owned guns on to their children. If that doesn’t show how tyrannical Senator de Leon really is, I don’t know what would.”

Second Amendment advocates have harshly criticized de Leon for supporting the bill, especially after a January press conference in which the Senator referred to a specific self-assembled firearm as having a “30-caliber clip” and boasting a fire rate of “30 bullets within half a second.”

The CAL-FFL drew attention to what many viewers saw as de Leon’s lack of firearm knowledge, commenting that “the Senator’s use of made-up terms like ’30 magazine clip’ and ‘ghost guns,’ among others, confuses the public as to the actual policy issue: the state’s long history of failure to go after armed criminals and prosecute real crimes.”

SB 808 now heads to desk of Governor Jerry Brown, who has until September 30 to sign or veto the bill.

Image screenshot of video by CASenDems on YouTube

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16 thoughts on “California’s “Ghost Gun” Bill Heads to Governor

  1. More moronic gun bill hysteria from liberal politicians. Do they think criminals will register their homemade guns? It would be nice if we had representatives that didn’t have their heads up their backsides most of the time.

  2. The ‘Brady Bunch’ do-gooders of CA and MA are continuing to degrade the freedoms of honest citizen’s rights to protection against criminals by controlling the 2nd Amendment rights. I would have to say that these current situations created by CA Senator de Leon (Dem) and MA Govnah (Dem) do nothing other than making themselve look like heroes of justice. Wrong!!

  3. I have to pick me up one of those 30-caliber clips before they take them off the market! What an ignorant moron. These are the people brainwashing America.

    1. Califascistia has its *own* Department of Justice that conducts its own background checks for firearm purchases in our failed state (the FBI isn’t good enough), and it is headed by Kamala Harris — the prettiest, sweetest looking blue-state fascist you’ll ever lay eyes on. She and Gavin Newsom will be DiFi’s replacement and our next governor, though the San Fran machine has not yet informed us as to who will be which.

      Remember kids! California has always been a belwether state…!

      /big plastic phony grin

      /thumbs up

  4. the leftie loonies are all insane and can not understand facts. They twist everything to there point of view which is already twisted beyond control. The American people are not ever going to give up there guns with out a civil war which the government will lose. But that could be a good thing because then we could get rid of all of the liberal loonies and put this country back on our Constitution!!!!!!!

  5. MOLON LABE! “Shall not be infringed”, what is so hard to understand? People if they can infringed one right, what is to stop them from infringing on every other right? Also the 2nd Amendment is the only right stated in the United States Constitution that has the phrase “Shall not be infringed” every wonder why? It is the only right that assures the People the ability to STOP a tyrannical government.

    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

  6. I will say it again…this is all about controll of the citizens. Strip any possibility of a law abiding citizen from being able to defend him-herself from criminals…both normal criminals and governmental and you become a slave to the state. That is what the Elitist left wants…they could care less about controlling the everyday criminals…that is why they are going after the law abiding.

  7. If we don’t ban these legal guns it may affect or illegal sales. California Democrat Party slogan. Chicago Democrat Party send your illegal arms here we will sell them.

  8. That should solve their gang problems cold! And suicide, too, which is the biggest “gun homicide” problem.

    Oh, wait…. it won’t. It sucks.

  9. This is De Leon at his finest. He wants to be seen as a champion of law and order. His constituency in the barrios of LA are having their kids killed by the crazy cholos running around with UZIs and TEC-9’s they obtain and own ILLEGALLY. Unfortunately, these gang bangers won’t be affected AT ALL by this law or any of the other stupid-a** laws De Leon pushes. So, he can make like he’s a hero, while in the meantime, crime — real crime, not this hysterical “gun violence” crap — goes on and on and on. Fighting drug gangs is hard work. You can’t just pass a law at your desk and fight crime — unless that law gives the police a LOT more manpower and the means to actually put boots on the ground to fight these guys.

  10. He is stopping way short of things that can be used to harm another human being. Plus reporting to the wrong agency. I think the IRS should be informed.

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