Want new ways to empty your rifle’s magazine faster? Meet the Bi-Directional Trigger by Liberty Gun Works. True to its name, any firearm coupled with the trigger will fire once when the trigger is pulled, and fire another shot when the trigger is released—allowing for quick double taps.

The trigger allows firearms to fire faster, but is not classified as part of an automatic weapon because it still fires only one round with each pull of the trigger. At least that is what the designers are hoping for. Unfortunately, Liberty Gun Works is not offering the bi-directional trigger for individual sale just yet. Instead, the trigger is packaged with the “Liberator” AR-style carbine or pistol, which each retails for $2,400. According to guns.com, the trigger also comes with only two modes: safe and bi-directional. There is no “regular” mode, so potential customers should be extra aware when taking their finger off the trigger. Both the standard carbine and pistol versions come in 7.62x39mm, although Liberty Gun Works also makes the same firearms chambered in 5.56x45mm, for a thousand bucks less.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these guns?

Image screenshot of video by russ cason on YouTube

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12 thoughts on “Video: Pull Once, Shoot Twice with the Bi-Directional Trigger

  1. Bad idea. This amounts to the gun “thinking” for me, doing something that I may or more importantly, may NOT wish to be done. Having the trigger fire a second round automatically upon release can go wrong in so many ways. What if, after firing the first round, a second shot is not needed or desired? There appears to be no way to prevent it. I can see all sorts of situations where the shooter gets excited and forgets that a second round will be fired when he releases the trigger. Lots of negligent discharges.

  2. I’m with the King on this one. We had friendly fire casualties in my period due to the Army method of reflexive shooting. Thank God I was taught the KD way.

  3. This is definitely a monumental bad idea as an only method of fire. There are those of is that follow the keep your finger off the bang switch but even I wouldn’t want a double tap without actually pulling twice. Pure danger and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  4. The people that commented on the video one the link are dumb. Complaining about it being unsafe b/c of there being no way to only shoot one round. If you only want to shoot one pull trigger and with trigger still pulled remove mag. Eject round in chamber. Its called having control of your firearm and not being dumb with it

  5. From what I can tell, if fires once when you pull the trigger, and once when you release, I’m fairly certain that letting go of the trigger doesn’t count as a second pull. How did this make it past the BAFTE and not be counted as a machine gun.

    It would be different if the trigger did not spring back to it’s original position, and you had to essentially push the trigger, then pull it, and push it again to continue firing.

  6. All the people hating this… I hope everyone has enough trigger discipline to keep their finger off the trigger when they have it pointed anywhere besides the target. If someone doesn’t they’re already a liability. Pull the trigger, release the trigger, remove finger from trigger now it is safe to manipulate the weapon.

  7. I like this fully auto guns are controlled by class that’s why there is class war fair if I had fourty grand I could buy a fully auto gun no problem there are lots of people who can pull dam near as fast as an auto or u can bump fire which is way more unsafe due to not being accurate like others are saying it’s about knowing your gun if one day there is a shit hits the fan situation I want to have a burst fire because plenty of bad guys will fully auto weapons the laws only stop the lawfull

  8. I just built an AR pistol for my son using a Tennesse Arms Co. poly lower and a Palmetto State Armory upper. I also used Palmetto’s lower build parts kit and the pistol shoots when you pull the trigger and on release. I found this out through a function check of the weapon and then went out and fired it this way. I’ve checked everything I can think of and the build is correct. I took it apart and put it back together just for GP and it still does the same thing!

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