A video making the rounds on social media appears to depict a man on the Canadian side of the Detroit River catching and then callously killing a muskie well under the minimum length limit. Dane Alexander, an angler who observed the incident along with a fishing buddy while pursuing muskie themselves, then confronted the alleged muskie killer.

When asked by Alexander why he killed the fish, the other man replied that he “sport [fishes] for fish that they’re killing.” Understandably concerned, Alexander and his companion inform the man that his kill was illegal, and that they’d be informing local wildlife officials of his act. Canadian conservation officers are now investigating.

Watch the video for yourself below. Please be aware that there is some adult language used throughout.

Update 9-11-2014: The Windsor Star has interviewed a man claiming to be the one who killed the muskie in the video, and he’s asking for the collective fishing world’s forgiveness. He claimed it was the first time he ever killed a muskie and threw it back.

The Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources is still investigating.

Update 1-25-2016: The Windsor Star reports that the angler who killed the muskie in this video was fined $1,000 and banned from fishing for two years.


Image from Big Game Musky Fishing on YouTube

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13 thoughts on “Video: Anglers Record Illegal Muskie Kill on Detroit River (UPDATE: Caught)

  1. Hopefully the jerk is tracked down because of the video. He needs to be hit on the pocketbook. I have noticed thru out the many years of fishing and hunting in Ontario that ALOT of the locals share that atitude of that fisherman on pike,muskie and black bear..Shame.

    1. I take exception to your statement, I am from Ontario, and have been a staunch conservationist all my life, as mostly everyone I know, There are A-Holes everywhere regardless of country. Ontario has some of the toughest Hunting/Fishing laws around, We cherish what we have, and do a lot to ensure that our grandkid’s will have the same level of enjoyment we have today,

    1. Such a bullshit apology .
      In the video he states he does it all the time that’s why he has a club.
      Now he’s begging for forgiveness because he knows he’s in for some shit now.
      He needs to loose his fishing liscense.
      I hope the C.O.’s do there part & bring justice to fish of lake St.Clair.

      Now that the videos out he will be like the Cubs fan that interfered in World Series.
      Post his pic in all sports bars do not serve.
      He is now a sportsman outcast.

      1. “Post his pic in all sports bars do not serve.”

        That would be a great idea! Instead of “Do not serve” it could be “Do not sell this guy bait (or lures, hooks, line, etc).” Anyone here from Windsor? Or know someone from Windsor?

        And make sure that anyone else who is doing the same thing to any native fish gets the message.

  2. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens quite often by anglers who want to pick and choose what species are worthy and which are not. The disdain that some anglers have for non game native fish species that they do not target is really misguided and sad. Unfortunately, native species like bowfin and burbot often end up killed for no reason when caught by anglers targeting more popular fish species. Other animals like mudpuppies (Michigan’s giant salamander) and snapping turtles are also needlessly persecuted under the ignorant notion that they are somehow bad for the elite sport fish. As the person in the video states all native species are part of the Great Lakes food web and have their place in a healthy ecosystem. If not being legally kept for personal consumption/use, all native species should be released alive. Doing other wise is both unethical and un-sportsman like.

    1. Something needs to be done!
      The guy himself believes conservation officers will not do anything.
      I think the Conservation officers really need to step up to plate on this one.
      The C.O.’s need to made an example of this moron especially since he’s calling them out in the video.
      With an incriminating video like that how much investigating needs to be done.
      He needs to be stripped & banned from having a fish & game license.

  3. I also would like to find out what happens? People like this should lose all rights to hunt & fish.
    I will forgive this jerk, only after he is fined, looses all his equipment, spends some time in jail & is banned for life from ever hunting of fishing!!! I do hope that the CO’s or Game Wardens find him & use the video to put this piece of work away for a really long time!!!

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