When Montana opened its six-month general rifle hunting season for wolves on Monday, hunters found themselves watching their backs, but not because of the threat of a wolf attack. Instead, sportsmen and women in the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness area just north of Yellowstone kept an eye out for animal rights activists. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, nine members of the newly-formed Yellowstone Wolf Patrol claimed they would shadow hunters for about 10 days during the hunt. The group’s leader, Rodney Coronado, said that they will be videotaping hunting activity and prevent hunters from chasing wolves into the park, where hunting is not allowed.

“We are not opposed to hunting. I’m not opposed to people filling their freezers with elk or venison, but killing apex predators that aren’t eaten and aren’t directly responsible for livestock predation, I just don’t think that’s right,” Coronado said.

The group will not be interfering with the hunt itself, which is illegal. Still, the prospect of being followed through the Montana wilderness has some hunters outraged, and even other animal rights groups are alarmed by the group’s actions. Local activists say that the Yellowstone Wolf Patrol—which is comprised of members from many different states—is jeopardizing existing efforts to halt Montana’s wolf hunt. Others worry that the group’s presence will lead to conflict. Montana wildlife officials told the Associated Press that it is legal to follow and document hunters, as long as no action is taken to disrupt a hunt. Harrassment of hunters, however, can be punished by a fine of up to $500 and 30 days in jail.

Coronado said that no disruptions will happen on his watch. He said his goal is to promote awareness of the hunt and draw enough attention to pressure Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to limit or close the season.

“So, we’re here on the ground, and if hunters kill any of these wolves, we want to be here to document it, share it with the world and hopefully, all the tourists that come to Yellowstone to see the wildlife will pressure and lobby their politicians to change this policy.”

Yet the Associated Press reported that Coronado has a history of direct confrontations, including spending four years in prison after setting fire to a Michigan State University animal research laboratory in 1995. The activist has since stated that he will no longer use illegal actions to get his message across, but some hunters are less than convinced. So far there have been no reported confrontations between the group and hunters. Coronado stated that they will stay in the area and document hunts as circumstances allow. The group is also hoping to go to Wisconsin when the wolf season starts there in October.

Image from Popperipopp on the Wikimedia Commons

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51 thoughts on ““Activists” Say They’ll Stalk Montana Hunters During Wolf Season

    1. Always carry or have available a rolled up wolf skin or something that looks like it. Even a gray rug would work. Throw it over the body, then and say “Oh No, my bad. Sorry about that Dude.”

      1. Heck, just let them come up on you and have some pig blood in a gallon jug and pour it on them city folk… then do your dying rabbit / coyote call and let the wolves come running on in and smell the blood. I bet the city folk would run and wolf instinct would kick in as it is winter and they are hungry. I just might smile and walk away and let them eat them city boys all up. It would be a darn shame.

    2. I was also thinking that some of those stalkers might be “mistaken” for wolves and “accidentally” shot. It is not smart to antagonize people legally carrying guns. (And it is stupid to antagonize people illegally carrying guns! But that is a different issue.)

  1. Ya I live and hunt wolves in Montana, how come this stuff never happens to me? I’d love to leave a shit pile of those clueless “animal activists” in the mountains to feed the bears! Maybe I should email them the time date and place in the mountains I’ll hunting wolves and see how many of the little bastards are really willing to die for there little cause(smiley face as I don’t know how to make one.)

  2. “The group will not be interfering with the hunt itself, which is illegal.”

    I know how I’d define “interfere”, but honestly, how does the Montana Game and Fish define it?

    Looks to me like if this eco group wants a lawsuit, this might be a good avenue to exploit.

      1. If any of the “activists” has a weapon, I’d want to know if there is also a felony conviction in it’s past (IT being the new gender for anti-hunters of indeterminate biological sex status, usually from a no-guns coastal city).

        I like the idea of leading these people up into a high altitude storm, then doing a departure stalk.

      1. like I already said ,, not worth a reply , if you’ve nothing constructive I suggest you keep worthless comments to yourself , use that grey matter !

      2. What is it with ‘people ‘ like you ?, I know ,,, brain dead . like I said , if you’ve nothing with a bit of substance to say /write keep out of it and again I will repeat in case you did not understand the first time , please use the grey matter that way you will not look/sound so common

      3. What is it with ‘people ‘ like you ?, I know ,,, brain dead . like I said , if you’ve nothing with a bit of substance to say /write keep out of it and again I will repeat in case you did not understand the first time , please use the grey matter that way you will not look/sound so common .

        ** I WIN **

      1. as well might be then again your child like comments only prove the mentality/intelligence (or rather the serious lack of) of ”people ” like you lot , added to which I do not have or need be prove I got a pair of balls by killing defenseless animals to prove anything which is more than one can say about ”people” the like of you lot. try taking a wolf on with your bare hands not hiding behind a rifle ,now that would be something to watch in fact I’d pay any money to watch that .

      1. As expected , but then again one cannot expect more from people of this sort, a very UNINTELLIGENT comment. oh well they do say it takes all sorts and the rest have to tolerate them. I and people like myself will lower ourselves to be base and common . still say I’d pay any money .

    1. Yep, they might go out, but they won’t come back…. the “wolves” might get them. A wolf or bear might get you or you could break a leg and freeze to death or fall down in a stream and catch hypothermia. It is real Dangerous Country. Someone might even mistake you for a wolf and you could get shot a few times by accident. It happens every year.

  3. Stupid people,that do nothing to help manage game,but try stop sound management pratices.just let the wolf go out of control until there is nothing left.i have seen the that cant ever relax because of the wolves constant following,the elk cant even breed in some casesbut ohhhh the poor wolf.i wonder how they would feel if a wolf are one of their children alive like the other animals they feed on

  4. Is it more efficient to bury the observers or leave their carcasses exposed for the animals to eat? That’s the real question.

  5. Like all the other wolf loving protestors. They can only garner enough support to be able to count them on one hand.

  6. it doesn’t enhance our image as hunters to be talking about shooting anti-hunters, even in jest.
    a better approach is to try to educate them from your point of view. talk calmly, make sense, and smile occasionally.
    i’ve turned plenty of anti-deer hunting activists around using this method.

    1. the only problem is that liberals don’t care about facts or wildlife management. They have it in their heads to protect wolves no matter what. They didn’t stop to examine the effects, and they won’t listen to anyone who tries to educate them. I don’t advocate shooting them, but they can follow me as I place blood and meat and try to attract the critters that they love so they can have an unarmed encounter. Their ignorance in thinking that they can “follow” a hunter and not have any negative effects on the hunt shows that they have no idea about hunting. Their smell, sound, and movements will without a doubt affect the success of any hunt, but they will claim that they did not interfere in any way, blissfully ignorant to the end.

      1. i’ve never heard of them actually being allowed to follow hunters afield. my experience has been that LE officers restricted them to parking or staging areas.

      2. They pulled that in the socialist State of New Jersey to oppose hunting Black bears. This weekend a Black bear killed a hiker in north Jersey . But the Anti-bear hunt crowd won’t take credit for that outcome

  7. Following hunters around often CAN interfere with the hunt. So the assertion that it’s not illegal to do so isn’t necessarily true.

    Also…seriously guys, what’s with the jokes about shooting them? You don’t shoot people that aren’t an imminent danger to you. Nice job making us look bad.

  8. Leave wildlife management to the wildlife managers! Somebody please find out what this clown works so I can follow him around at work and be opposed to whatever it is he is doing, and film it. I would let them follow me into a remote area then I’d start scattering fresh meat and try to attract predators and just wait until they had a close encounter with a wolf or grizzly and begged me to help.

    1. no need to go to those lengths. just let them follow you and do a “Crocodile Dundee” on them- disappear.
      a cold night spent in the woods without supplies, and they’ll never show up again.

  9. Well, glad to see so many of you reinforcing the stereotype of hunters as unhinged psychopaths with high-powered rifles, unbounded blood lust and the self-righteous belief that the public’s game resources are for you and hunters alone. How long is your list of good reasons to kill people, and how do you act on this in your everyday life?

    1. Well said.its hard to show your realistic and true outdoors-men with good intentions with people like truhawk spouting verbal diarrhea like that. He and many like him come across as nut jobs.zipper has the rite idea.

    2. Glad to see some Hunters taking the hypersensitive melodramatic approach… the exact same one liberals take… put you all in a room and the only diff is blaze orange on the hunters…your method delivery is exactly the same

    3. . I bet If a guy took your beer – drank it and hit on your woman you wouldn’t do anything but sit there and take it too.

  10. Stop making idiot remarks about killing these misbegotten fools! Granted, most of the idiots making the remarks have never been alone in the woods, much less hunted something that could hunt them ,but don’t encourage them. As for those who would actually go into a situation where you , UNARMED, place yourselves in the vicinity of a pack of hungry wolves , may you survive the experience .

  11. I’m selling really warm “Wolf activist” outerwear… It comes in wolf colors, Perfect for those days when you want to blend in with your surroundings. And for you Hunters out there, I have the special GPS Chip installed in every coat.. No more second guessing where those peskey Activists are lurking, simply pull up the app, and get precise coordinance. Coat can be used again and again.. ( activist, not so much ) Each coat comes with it’s very own laminated card with the lords prayer on it, for theActivists, and of coarse a coupon for 20% off your next box of 30- 06 shells from any of our fine retailers..

    Our Motto is: we’re not happy till your not happy.

  12. It would be a shame if they were mistaken for stalkers and shot for stalking. Havering people willfully stalking me would make me believe that they had bad intent and I would take appropriate action.

  13. I think it’s time to hunt the two legged activist species. They could be classified as a nuisance species and the season will be open year round.

  14. Rodney Coronado is a lunatic and a convicted terrorist.

    A reasonable person would think that Rodney posed an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury if Rodney were to point any object, even one that looks sort of like a camera, at that person. The kind of threat of deadly criminal violence that justifies the use of deadly force in self-defense.

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