SilencerCo is well-known for their creative methods of marketing and educating the public about the firearm suppressors they sell. Their latest effort is a sleek animated infographic explaining the science and technology behind the devices and their benefits, along with some facts about guns and silencers in the United States. Check it out below.


Infographic courtesy SilencerCo

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One thought on “New SilencerCo Infographic Explains How Firearm Silencers Work

  1. I would love to move to a more gun friendly state but my wife would never leave our kids and grand kids here in Southern California. We are both 67 and have been married almost 49 years so it is a no brainer for me.
    I have held a CCW for the last 22 years (in So. Cal. no less) and have been a DOJ certified Instructor/range master (in So CA) for over 30 years. So we are slowly making progress here in CA. but I probably wont be around long enough to see what I would like to.
    Good luck to you guys and, Stay Safe.

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