Video: What Happens When a World Howling Champion Calls Coyotes


Two-time World Howling Champion Jason Groseclose is known for his aggressive vocals and impressive range, and it seems that coyotes think the same as well. While hunting and filming with MFK GameCalls, Jason is able to show off his abilities to a receptive pack nearby.

Watch what happens below:

A farm boy who grew up calling coyotes to protect his family’s cattle, Jason managed to refine his technique to an eerily-close imitation of the real thing.

“I saw my first coyote in 1992,” he told Country Folks. “I’ve been calling ever since.”

That led to the Virginia native winning the World Howling Championship in 2010 as well as 2013, and he has been keeping himself busy in division championships as well. When he isn’t in the woods, Jason manages a herd of about 500 cattle with his father in rural Pulaski County.

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