Coyotes get just about everywhere, but one Illinois man hardly expected to find one on the inside of his bumper. Mark Armour, a train conductor working in Waukegan, found a crowd gathered around his car last Friday and discovered that a live coyote was lodged in the grill of the vehicle. According to the Lake County News-Sun, Armour says he struck something on the way to work but did not see anything behind him on the road. He probably should’ve checked the front of his car as well.

Armour was shocked to find that the animal had survived the initial impact and was now stuck inside the car. Don’t let its calm demeanor fool you, the coyote actually suffered three fractured legs because of the accident.

“It was even more amazing he survived,” animal control officer Amber Manley told the News-Sun, adding that the coyote was very docile.

The injured creature was turned over to the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation center, where it is currently recovering. Armour said he will be donating money to the center for the coyote’s treatment.

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9 thoughts on “Photos: Live Coyote Found in Car Bumper

  1. Really!!!! You have to be kidding! Euthanasia. A nuisance animal that is way overpopulated. Are we now trying to appease vermin? Like the terrorists, “if we be nice to them maybe they will be nicer to me”. How much to give it the needle? How much to rehab what will now be an altered representative of what is legal to kill indiscriminately. Oh, the poor guys vehicle.

  2. I’m humorously persuaded to stand with MN Steward: the man who hit the coyote ought to apologize for his arrogance of being on the road built for the use of coyotes. That (too) makes sense. {That is NOT to say I think euthanasia is the solution: I am strongly persuaded that, if we can within reason ‘make it right’ and save an innocent life, we should. Whether the animal would suffer more by either being allowed to die or being operated on seems to come close to stating the better question. As for the expense of it … what are vet schools for but to teach including to teach animal surgery; but if moving the animal there would cause it excessive pain, then allowing it to die by euthanasia makes a good deal more sense to me.}

  3. The only good coyote is a dead coyote. Having said that, after getting over my desire to pop a cap in his ass I would have done the same thing Mr. Armour did.

  4. We gotta save it and release it back into the wild so it can come to our neighborhood and eat all our cats and small dogs. My daughter and I were walking close to a creek where my Mother and Father in-law live just outside Burleson, TX, and found where a group of Coyote’s had been feeding. There were rabbit, cat and dog bones strewn over a pretty large area. We even found a goat skull. Needless to say there are no longer any cats in their neighborhood. My sister in law had a couple of puppies in a box on the back porch and they were gone by morning. In the wild I have no problem with them but my wife and daughter saw one in downtown Grapevine. On another note… we have two adult foxes that have their litter under my neighbors wood deck every spring here in Grapevine just a couple of miles west of the DFW airport. We try to trap them for relocation but the pesky critters are to smart. Only managed to catch one kit in 3 years of trying. Our small dog got into it with one of them and came out of it with a huge gash in her nose. I have had to seal up the bottoms of my wood fences with mesh wire to keep them out of our yard.

    1. You have a good point Chuck! The one thing good about a Coyote is they cut down on the feral cats that idiots turn loose. The local Ranchers and Farmers claim the “barn cats” keep the rats and mice numbers in check, but while doing so they distroy all the other wildlife like pheasants, cottontails, song birds, etc. I find a well placed pan of antifreeze (placed where other animals can’t reach it) will take care of just about any mice or rat problem!

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