Video: Great White Attacks Smaller Shark


Although the great white shark is neither the largest shark nor the one responsible for the most fatal attacks on humans—that distinction is thought to belong to the ocean whitetip—the great white is by far the most feared of its species. In the video below, taken by Adam Malski during a dive 50 miles from the Australian shore, a large great white launches into an unprovoked attack.

Thankfully, the divers were already safe back on the boat. But they weren’t the focus of the shark’s ire, or perhaps hunger, and it was in fact another shark that received a bite from the ferocious predator.

Great whites rarely attack each other, especially in adulthood. Shark pups have been documented to practice cannibalism, and it is speculated that mature great whites occasionally snack on each other as well, but fights between two of the same species are still relatively rare. The divers believe that the smaller shark in the video may have gotten in the way of the larger one as it closed in on some bait.

“The day where the shark attacked the other was surreal,” Malski told The Mirror.  “I asked the dive master and skipper of the boat what would happen if a smaller shark got in the way of a larger shark. The skipper responded, ‘the big shark would take the smaller one down.'”

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