Ask just about any biologist, and they’ll tell you that moose are some of the most dangerous land animals in the world, and responsible for far more human injuries than tigers, lions, wolves, or bears. A kick from a mature moose is likely to dissuade the most determined of predators, and probably leave a few broken bones as well. Unfortunately, the moose in the video below seems to struggle with landing its hooves on-target, hitting its defenseless calf more than the attacking wolves.

According to the video description, this footage was taken in Sweden near a salt lick post.

Image screenshot of video by glarne on LiveLeak

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One thought on “Video: Trail Cam Records Moose Facing Off Against Wolves

  1. A young cow trying to let her calf survive. Stupid to intimate her incompetence by accidentally kicking the calf, if she separates from the calf it’s dead for sure. She has to wait for the close proximity in order to stay with the calf AND attempt to turn away the attack. If she runs the calf is dead. If she tries to chase a wolf the other kills the calf. Also just about the only reason a moose attacks, to protect its young. Bull attacks are generated from a competition of dominance or self protection. There large size, and relative slowness make them vulnerable to attack, therefore they are more inclined to “defend ” themselves. Stupid to intimate they are more aggressive than apex predators.

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