IWI US, the US subsidiary of the famed Israeli firearm manufacturer Israel Weapon Industries, will begin offering Galil ACE pistols and rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm in spring 2015. Military Arms Channel (MAC) broke the news this morning on Facebook and Instagram with two photos of a short-barreled rifle variant of the new gun.

More information was provided in a YouTube video MAC released later in the day, which is embedded below. A pistol variant of the gun with an eight-inch barrel and a folding Sig SB-15 brace will be offered starting in February, while a 16-inch rifle with a collapsible M4-style stock will be released in March. The Galil ACE is patterned after the AK series of firearms, and the new guns IWI US will be producing combine the time-tested Kalashnikov action with modern features like a full-length top Picatinny rail and an ambidextrous fire selector.

Pricing information was not immediately available, but MAC reported that they will cost below what Tavors are currently retailing for (roughly $1,600).

Image is a screenshot of video by Military Arms Channel on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Galil ACE Pistols and Rifles Coming from IWI US in Early 2015

  1. Just a little misleading, The GALIL “ACE” is an Israel concept, but the rifle imported by IWI from South America into the United States.

    Made in South America, produced under license by Indumil, RPC Fort Ukrainian weapons manufacturer from Vinnytsia, Ukraine and FAME S.A.C. Luringancho, Lima, Peru and in Chile. AND, it looks like South America too.
    At best it should cost $550.

    I’ll keep my 1600, add an extra couple hundred more to obtain a REAL RIFLE “MADE IN ISRAEL” TAVOR.

    1. Hello obamatard,

      Where have you read/heard that the ACEs that IWI US will be importing will be primarily Colombian-made? I’ve read that the ACEs the Colombian military are using are made by Indumil, but that’s about it.

      I just assumed that these IWI US ACEs would be primarily made in Israel (with attendant American compliance parts), like the IWI US Tavor is. For what it’s worth, the ACE MAC has in this video carries both “IWI – ISRAEL” and IWI US Harrisburg, PA rollmarks.

      I’ll try to seek further clarification from IWI US at SHOT. Generally, though, I don’t care where the gun comes from as long as it works!

      Thanks for reading,

      Matt Korovesis

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