Joe Rogan may be better known for his stand-up comedy, hosting NBC’s Fear Factor, or his time as a commentator for the UFC, but he is also a newly-recruited hunter. Rogan appeared on Tuesday’s episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, in which he reiterated his support for the “Eat What You Kill” philosophy. Hunters are no strangers to relying on the meat they harvest from hunting season, but the adherents of this movement take it up a notch: they eat only meat that they kill for themselves. Supporters of the philosophy say that not only is game meat leaner and more nutritious, it is also free from the antibiotics and hormones found in the prepackaged meat that you will find in your local supermarket. Others cite spiritual or ethical reasons for harvesting their own food.

“There’s definitely a sense of loss, I mean, you’re not unaware of the fact that you took an animal’s life,” Rogan told Bryant Gumbel, describing the climax of a recent deer hunt with Steven Rinella. “This is a very intense and emotional moment.”

You can watch a clip of the interview below:

Rogan is hardly the first athlete or celebrity to join the movement, which is supported by many within the hunting industry. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2011 that for one year, he would only be eating meat from animals he killed personally. Unlike Rogan’s approach, however, Zuckerberg elected to choose a goat and pig from a slaughterhouse instead of hunting for his own. The young billionaire later admitted that he spent most of the year living on a vegetarian diet instead. Rogan, on the other hand, dived into the world of hunting with gusto. This June he harvested a black bear with the help of Cameron Hanes.

Rogan added his own comment to the photo, posting on Instagram that “Anyone that tells you bear meat isn’t delicious doesn’t know what the f**k they’re talking about.”

What are your thoughts on eating only meat that you harvest yourself? Would you give it a try?

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7 thoughts on “Video: Joe Rogan on the “Eat What You Kill” Movement

  1. I eat only edible game when I hunt. But I also hunt bobcats, coyotes and grey fox…..for their pelts. I see. Itching wrong with that type of hunting. Coyotes especially out here are like Australia’s wild dingos. Coyotes are a menace to the deer (fawn) population, as well as the young quail and cottontail rabbits. So coyotes go every time I see one. It’s carcass feeds the buzzards. ;););););)

      1. So you draw an arbitrary line and whoever is on the other side of that line that offends your sensibilities is an idiot? I bet I could spend a couple of minutes looking over your lifestyle as find where you have benefited from the killing of an animal for other than food. If you’ve worn cosmetics or taken a drug you’ve benefited from animal testing, not for food, but for looking better or smelling better or feeling better. If you are a vegan who wears only synthetic fibers then you benefit from oil and gas exploration and clear-cutting of old growth forest to make farm fields. Are you on the idiot side of the line for someone else? I think a good example of an idiot is someone who runs their mouth before their brain is engaged.

  2. Wait a second….. How can Rogan be labeled as an “avid” hunter, when this is his first “meat” hunt? Even Bryant Gumbel mentions that Rogan is “hunting for his own meat, for THE VERY FIRST TIME.” (@:025). I applaud Rogan for hunting, but he’s a “newbie,” a “baby,” a “F.N.G.” type of hunter. Nothing wrong with this, we all gotta start sometime, but to call him an “avid” hunter at this stage of the game is bull$hit. His just “drove up” to the world of hunting and his engine isn’t even cold yet!

    1. Whoops, that made it through the editing process. We’ve adjusted the text. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Chuck.

  3. I hunt deer and squirrels and we consume all the meat which usually consist of three or four deer and numerous squirrels all processed in my shop and vacuum sealed! We usually cube or grind the venison and pack the squirrels whole, as in not cut up but dressed!
    This Halloween we will have my annual chili cooking at the creek down on Hillabee with family and friends; It will consist of about 20lbs of venison with plenty of tomatoes and onions, bell peppers mushrooms and seasoning cooked over an open fire in a wash pot, yum!

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