On October 12, hunter Joe Franz harvested a massive whitetail buck with a muzzleloader on his property in Iowa. Fortune has awarded this hunter the deer of a lifetime, but it was the foresight of the Trophy Pursuit team that put this incredible shot on camera. With a reported preliminary score of 258 and 7/8, this buck could very well be the largest ever taken while being filmed.

“We are very excited to announce that Trophy Pursuit has filmed the harvest of what we think could be the largest wild, 100% fair chase whitetail to ever be captured on professional video!” announced the Trophy Pursuit website. “To say that we are humbled and more than appreciative would be an understatement.”

The video was taken by Iowa native Derek Wilkerson, who could only stand by in awe as Franz retrieved the deer the next day.

“It’s like a moose!” one of the hunters commented.

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Boone and Crockett Club scorer Glen Salow eventually came down to measure the animal, which gave even world records a challenge. For comparison, the largest typical whitetail of all time measured 213 and 5/8, whereas the largest non-typical measured 333 and 7/8. If the Franz buck’s green score stands up to scrutiny after the traditional 60-day drying period, it is certainly one of the largest deer ever taken from Iowa.

“Total mass was 36 6/8 on the right side and 27 5/8 on the left side for a total of 64 3/8. Congrats again to the hunter and the TP crew,” Salow wrote on Facebook.

Image screenshot of video by Trophy Pursuit on YouTube

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35 thoughts on “Video: The Largest Whitetail Buck Ever Shot on Camera

  1. Musta been difficult in a heated blind you can talk in. That and hunting on your FARMS food plot. Can this even be called hunting? It’s harvesting is what it is. You feed them and let them grow. Then come hunting season you just pick the biggest antlers. How can you be proud of this? When’s the fence going up?

      1. Nothing to be jealous about. Show me a deer that exists with horns like those that hasn’t been “plumped” up with food plots. They don’t exist. Last I checked, hunting didn’t involve talking the entire time your there. What’s the definition of hunting? Where’s the sport there? Jealousy doesn’t exist here. No one with half a brain with a smidgen of pride would be proud of such things. Sure makes for great tv, sells products too.

    1. Do be jealous that some of us have farms. Farm or not any one can have a food plot, we have thousands of acres of corn and soybeans, you gunna call the cheating too just because that’s how we make a living and it just happens to be what deer love to eat that type of food? No,that doest mean a damn thing. It’s called management. See those bucks when he was hunting with a cross bow? I know a lot of people that would love to see a deer that big let a lone the one he actually shot. You have to let them go, well your neighbor will shoot it you say, maybe he will, at least you didn’t your job of letting him go to become a 260inch deer, or wait maybe you neighbor or any other neighbor will even see him! That’s how they get big! It’s the decision you have to make if all you do it shoot scrub bucks then that’s all you will ever see.

      1. I come from a town with more cows than people. We also have one of the longest running FFA programs in the country. I know what a farm is. Do deer love corn? I suppose they do, but corn isn’t making them that much bigger. If they are eating off your farm crops and gaining some size it’s not the same as food plots. Food plots are only for the deer and not your farms cattle or profit. Put there with specific purpose. Not hunting. Especially when your hunting right on top of it.

    2. Dustin; when did you have your last steak, pork chop, turkey or chicken dinner??? Just shut up, no one twisted your arm to view this Website… I have a farm and I worked like hell day, night, weekends for years to pay for it… Just remember, if you can… every deer that comes to a food plot in the dead of winter isn’t killed! More deer survive winter weather than are killed because of food plots and feeders…that’s why conservation motivated state game departments allow plots and feeders. Get a life…

      1. I would like to know what winter exists in your world that both could threaten the deers life due to severity, but also sustain crop grow for the deer to eat all winter. Where do crops grow on frozen ground? Your too old to comprehend your words. The deer have existed and thrived since their creation WITHOUT man planted food crops. Leave your ego at the door.

      2. Hey Dustin, try Michigan’s upper peninsula, huge herd losses last two winters due to severity but thank God for crops, such as soybeans that provide nourishment during hard winters, and the hay that farmers will take north so that the deer have something to eat when the snow is 3 feet deep like it is right now, the 18th of Nov. So, before you start running off at the mouth learn the facts about being a farmer and what grows and doesn’t grow. Even after it stops growing it still provides food. So check your own ego and your facts because your clueless.

  2. I bow hunted in Iowa for twenty five years,through all weather conditions and NEVER used a covered hide-a-way like that.Hunting is getting out in the elements and pursuing your quarry.Yes,that is “harvesting”,but not hunting. People now days are such pu*@^%!

  3. How can u say deer like this dont exist, Look at the longest standing world Record typical. Was that fed with plots back then…… I think not. Check ur history…….

    1. Upon checking my history via the Internet. I’ve concluded that those records existing today for typical whitetail deer are inconclusive. They mention nothing about the sheer weight of the deer. Don’t know what they eat wherever it is your from but as far as I know, they rarely reach over 250lbs before field dressing. This deer in the video is far bigger than the 300 pound man who shot it. Those records still stand because when people feed the deer like this, people with brains say “hey, that don’t count you cheated.” It’s way too obvious that deer like this one only exist when fed well. And these deer in the video had no fear of being hunted at all. They probably all have names.

      1. I guarantee if the cameraman or hunter would have coughed, stuck his head out the window, every deer would have bolted for cover, this was hunting, just in comfort. I have done both, in comfort, and in misery exposed to all the elements could throw at me.

  4. What a great looking buck! The antlers are totally unique. Speaking to the weight, 8 years ago a buck stepped out before last light 120 yards across a cornfield from me. Highly hunted area, lots of poaching near a little redneck town… I digress!
    It all started & finished in less then 10 seconds. Old mature deer we’d never seen, nice even 8 point, white polished rack. HUGE body, 340 LBS. before gutting him. They can get big out there. We’re in Indiana, have killed 3 others that have gone between 250-280 in the same area.

    1. I’m from upstate New York. Deer are definetly not as big here. A 200lb deer would be considered big, while we have seen up to 250lbs, it would be a monster.

      1. Why don’t you check you ego at the door-jerk. You don’t know what your talking about. There are different strains of deer depending on continental range. The northland and the Midwest type routinely get 250-300 lbs for a mature buck. Saskatchewan is known for deer in excess of 300 lbs. with racks measuring in the 200s. Do they all have this mass and points no. They don’t get that big because of food plots. The biggest deer I’ve ever seen in person was a doe that was easily over 250 before field dressing. Her head was at the beam of the meat pole at ten feet, with her back hooves still on the ground (no lie). Lighten up, Francis.

  5. I don’t understand the landscape conditions. Where in Iowa does the dept of conservation allow you to hunt public land with a rifle while the trees are still green. Anywhere else in the Midwest it’s definitely only bow season still. Trophy pursuit my a$$

    1. Somebody please explain to him that that is a muzzle loader not a center fire cartridge rifle. Most states have a special muzzleloader season. IMO sitting “20 ft closer to God” in a sniper stand is NOT sporting hunting. Jim Bowie, Davey Crockett, and Jed Clampett would be disappointed.

      1. Taught-truly. Some don’t have that kind of habitat to do it that way. Stalking on public land is fruitless in most situations when the trees are dotted orange and it would only take an hour to cover the whole piece. Stand hunting is an ancient Native American technique. Some don’t consider hunting a sport. Football and baseball are sports. Hunting is a way of life, and I need to utilize as many tactics as I can in order to provide venison for the table (minimum 2 deer for the year). It’s not something to do, it’s something that needs doing. Totally different. Understanding that changed my mind about judging others on how they legally take wild game. What if someone is handicapped? Or weak? Or new? Or old? Poor? Does that change what hunting is called? What if regionally, or culturally it’s done differently than you? That’s fascism. There is only one way, or it’s cheating, poaching, etc?

      2. Not sure what you’d mean by this. We are not all from New York City. I’m 6 hours north of that mess. In the country, where neighbors are far and few between. Don’t pass judgement by state. Totally different subject.

      3. I’m sorry if you perceived what I said incorrectly. I was simply stating this guy cheated. He’s not any of those things you listed as far as special needs are concerned. As far as those special needs are concerned that’s an easy call to make. You would of course try and make things easier for the young, old or new hunters. Totally for it. But if you add all the things this guy used to “hunt” that deer together. I just don’t see hunting there. I hunt in dense woods right near Lake Ontario. At ground level on a tree mounted seat, no blinds. Shot myself a 8 point this morning with 16 inch spread. Weighed a whopping 135lbs after dress. Aparantly I need to check out those states with the 250lb deer in them.

  6. Dustin, you plant something called winter forage wich you plant summer or fall to have in winter so the deer can uncover it from under snow to eat

  7. I love Deer hunting I have not ever raise one in jail fed him like a hog and then kill him. (Fenced End) Just for a big Rack to Bragg about.

  8. This is disgusting. Unless you are starving you should not be hiding out in a blind and hunting on your own property. Like the others replied, this is not hunting. Hunt like the Indians do , and not by hiding in a blind. And to be proud of killing the biggest buck is not something to be proud of either! That was a beautiful animal that you killed for nothing. This can’t be any more terrible. It’s absolutely repulsive. How would you like it if the deer hid in a blind and when you walked by just trying to eat your grass, somebody kills you? I wish I could put you out there and I could be in a blind and shoot you down and then keep you as a trophy as the biggest man I ever shot! Lol!

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