David Cullen, a water district inspector in the Las Vegas Valley, recently uploaded this video of two antler-locked bull elk. Cullen and his team came across the animals near a barbed wire fence, which the bulls ripped down over the course of their fight. Becoming antler-locked is one of the risks bulls take when sparring during the rut, and many animals die slowly due to this predicament. There is no way to tell how long these bulls were locked together, but the Cullen’s group arrived just in time to save the one elk that was still hanging on.

“I can’t help but say this, once free, he looked at all of us as to say thanks,” Cullen wrote on Facebook. “I watched him for about 20 minutes. He crossed the highway safely, and really got his feet under him and was almost to the timber when I stopped watching, good deal!”

Image from Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Video: Antler-locked Bull Elk Rescued

  1. That’s awesome. It’s too bad the one was already dead but thank goodness they were able to save one of the bulls.

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