This video, purportedly taken in August and just recently uploaded, shows two large black bears duking it out in the suburban neighborhood of Rockaway, New Jersey. According to state wildlife biologist Kelcey Burguess, the two bears appeared to be males, both weighing several hundred pounds, and possibly fighting over a female in the area. Black bear mating season typically runs from June to July, but is known to extend into August as well.

“They’re probably fighting or playing because there’s a good-looking lady in the area,” Burguess told “It’s really common to have fights during mating season.”

Although black bears lack the fearsome reputation of their grizzly cousins, they can still be powerful animals. These two bears put that on demonstration as they lunge towards each other in what becomes a vicious fight for territorial dominance.

Image screenshot of video by TheTubeUser86 on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Huge Black Bears Fight in New Jersey

  1. Bears rut in the spring I thought. Then they wouldn’t be fighting over a “pretty lady”. They don’t “date” or “get married”, so in august because of solar periodism, they want to start packing on the fat for winter. A bear this big needs about 20,000 calories per day. Along this lateral line, the bears will start sleeping most of each day by the middle of October. Therefore they can’t be out eating. August and September are the bankroll days for a bear. (Get rid of the Disney mentality.) These bears are fighting over territory and the food therein. They are not “playing”. Soon you will see a story about a black bear (the most common to attack man) that challenges someone for food say kept in a garage or something (oops, too late). This is a downright dangerous situation, with bears this big fighting for food and territory in this persons yard. Don’t be fooled, they will defend turf and tummy against humans too.

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