SilencerCo has released the latest video in a series highlighting their Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor, in which a hunter is shown taking down some hogs at night at an unnamed location in the South. It features some impressive night-vision footage.

The Salvo 12 is available in a number of different lengths, and retails for $1,400. SilencerCo has previously released videos of the suppressor being employed by pheasant and dove hunters.

Image is a screenshot of video by SilencerCo on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Nighttime Hog Hunting with a Suppressed Shotgun

  1. I have often said that gun accessory manufactures have been robbing shooters for many years, but $1400 for the silencer? That is out and out blatant Greed. There isn’t $1400 worth of parts or machine work put into this item. The manufacture couldn’t possibly justify the cost of their products. Even if they kick in advertising, class 3 licensing, payroll and insurance, $1400 is still outright robbery. That’s my two cents

    1. It’s the latest and greatest new gadget! A few will buy, but not many and then we will see the product disappear or the price will plummet. I agree with you, no way, no how!!!

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