Harrison Williams, 26, is now regretting what he claims as a spur-of-the-moment act over the weekend. While boating with friends off the coast of Western Australia, Williams spotted a floating whale carcass near Scarborough beach. According to CNN, the whale was surrounded by several tiger sharks and at least one great white, which was enjoying a leisurely snack before Williams jumped onto the decaying whale and attempted to ride it.

“Out on the boat with the boys and one of my mates thought it’d be pretty funny if I surfed the whale, so I just did it,” Williams said.

You can watch the video of the whale “surfing” below.


He later admitted that he had in fact seen the sharks before he jumped onto the whale, but thought they were too distracted to notice him. He returned to the boat without any injuries, although one misstep could have tumbled him back into the water.

“It was definitely a stupid act,” he later told The West Australian. “Mum thinks I’m an idiot. Dad’s not too proud either.”

It is also illegal. Swimming too close to a whale—alive or dead—is prohibited in Australian waters. In addition, authorities say that the act was reckless and not only put Williams himself at risk, but others as well. Yet officials have decided not to issue a fine as nothing was removed from the whale, which eventually drifted to shore. The smelly carcass drew in even more sharks and two beaches near the Perth suburb were closed due to safety concerns.

Image screenshot of video by GlobalNewsLive on YouTube

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