Few handguns enjoy as much attention in Hollywood and popular culture as the Desert Eagle. This large-framed brainchild of Israel Military Industries and Magnum Research is one of the most iconic pistols of the last quarter decade. Affectionately nicknamed the “Deagle,” this over-sized handgun is offered in .50 AE, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum—three calibers that can pack quite a punch. Throw in some hand-loaded ammunition, and the gun will bark rings of fire that you have to see to believe.

YouTuber Chaos311Clarity noticed that his hand-loaded .50 AE rounds were producing large fire rings, and decided to record the phenomenon during a recent shoot. You can see the video below:

Image screenshot of video by Chaos311Clarity on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Shooting “Fire Rings” with a Desert Eagle

  1. Those look like the targets I saw at another gun-site that are not, knock downs. They are simply post mounted steel. In addition you can hear the steel hit in some and also see the metal take the hit. The Fire Rings are cool, but I like Fireball that my S&W 460V makes with Hornady 200g FTX rounds.

  2. I suspect that the ring is caused by the super sonic velocity of the hot gasses reacting with the light waves…. Like the balls of fire behind an SR71 during afterburner.

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