Baseball season may be over, but hunting season is still in full swing for many sportsmen and women across the country. First baseman Adam LaRoche is enjoying his time by doing a little bit of elk hunting in Wyoming, and took this impressive-looking specimen recently.

LaRoche became a free agent last week after the Washington Nationals turned down a $15 million option on his contract for next year. Yet the hunter does not seem to be worried, and spent time in the woods with none other than Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson during filming for their show Buck Commander.

LaRoche’s elk hunt even drew a tongue-in-cheek tweet from former teammate Dan Haran.

When he is not tossing a baseball around or dressed up in camo, LaRoche also oversees a ranch and chophouse in Kansas. In fact, The Washington Times reported last year that LaRoche sends about 800 pounds of steroid-free Black Angus beef to the Nationals’ clubhouse every two months from his ranch, which adds up to about one cow a month.

“If they lose a game, at least they know dinner is going to be good,” said clubhouse chef Faisal Sultani.

Image from Twitter

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