This trick-or-treater got a little more than just some candy for Halloween: it also got a nifty mask. Residents of Mentor, Ohio spotted this deer with its nose stuck in a plastic pumpkin shortly after Halloween and now it is wandering all over town, trying to get it off.

“My son and I saw the deer when we came out for the bus on Wednesday morning,” resident Patty O’Donnell told WKYC, adding that the deer was trying to use its front legs to remove the uncomfortable contraption.

The deer probably stuck its face into the pumpkin to get at whatever treats were inside, but quickly paid the price for its curiosity. Residents said that the pumpkin appears to be stuck tightly around the deer’s mouth, making it difficult for the animal to eat or drink.

Deer are not an uncommon sight in Mentor, and around this time of the year many people consider them a nuisance. Despite this, many Mentor residents have voiced concern for the deer. Some have even tried to lure the deer with celery and lettuce, but it never came close enough for any of the town’s residents to wrestle the pumpkin off.

Officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said that they would attempt to capture the deer without harming it.

Update 11-13-2014: After at least six days of wearing the pumpkin, the deer was finally released from its predicament by the cleverness of one local teen. According to USA Today, Cameron Merritt hid in a hunting blind until the deer passed by and he was able to capture it. At that point, he wrestled the pumpkin off and was able to safely release the deer. 

Image screenshot of video by USA Today on YouTube

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