Comedian Jay Leno announced this week that he will not be appearing at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show that will take place in January 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is run by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and is considered the biggest and most comprehensive trade show in those industries. Leno had been previously booked to perform at the State of the Industry Dinner, but abruptly canceled after what organizers called “bullying political tactics” from gun control groups.

“We are clearly disappointed by Jay Leno’s decision not to perform at the 2015 SHOT Show State of the Industry Dinner,” announced the NSSF in a press release. “He unilaterally cancelled his promised appearance due to pressure from the anti-gun lobby, which included false statements about our industry and its commitment to genuine firearms safety, which we attempted to personally correct with him, but to no avail.”

Gun control organizations only recently discovered that the comedian, formerly the host of The Tonight Show, was set to perform at the trade show. Organizations such as the Newtown Action Alliance and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence immediately criticized Leno’s decision to appear, and drafted a online petition for him to cancel his performance.

“Jay Leno is a nationally-recognized figure who recently received the 17th Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. By lending his name to the NSSF, he is helping to legitimize a crass commercialism which values profit over human lives. The SHOT Show is the largest firearms trade show in the world. Its sole purpose is to allow manufacturers to market their wares; and it provides no voice to those whose lives have been destroyed by a loosely-regulated industry,” read the petition, which was posted on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s website.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America also ran a social media campaign focused on getting the comedian’s attention called #JokesOnLeno. In less than 24 hours, Po Murray, the executive director of the Newtown Alliance, reported that Leno called her to inform her of the cancellation.

“Jay Leno now stands with the majority of Americans who support common sense gun laws,” read a statement from Moms Demand Action. “Moms across the country are thanking Jay for making the right decision.”

Many of Leno’s fans, however, are not as happy with the cancellation. People who looked forward to Leno’s appearance at SHOT show, or simply fans who supported gun rights, took to Leno’s Facebook page to vent their disappointment.

“By caving to a few loudmouth activists, you have disappointed over 100 MILLION gun owners,” posted one fan.

The NSSF will now be looking for another performer to fill Leno’s spot.

Image from Michael Albov on the Wikimedia Commons

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23 thoughts on “Jay Leno Cancels SHOT Show Appearance Following Pressure from Anti-gun Groups

  1. “Common Sense Gun Laws,” say the Demanding Moron Moms. I guess there aren’t too many “common sense” Moms in California. They voted for a proposition that makes stealing a gun a Misdemeanor, instead of a Felony. Looks like these “common sense” radicals never want to stop the crooks who commit gun crimes, they only want to stop law abiding citizens.
    Of course, as terrorists have proven over the past few years, the most dangerous and lethal weapon anyone could ever use use is a motor vehicle. A vehicle can kill and injure far more people than a gun in a much shorter time period. When the terrorists and crooks realize this, they will simply start mowing people down on sidewalks, gatherings, parades, etc. And then what will the Moron Moms do, make cars illegal?

  2. Time to stop caving to these leftists! Every time someone gives into these turds & buckles or apologizes we just embolden them. Start telling them to pack sand & they will be silenced.

  3. IT IS A LOT LIKE THE WOMEN TAKING TO THE STREETS TO OUT LAW ALCOHOL. WE ARE STILL DEALING WITH THE MAFIA on that one. any time you try and control someones actions the black market will step in. we will never get rid of the cartel for the same reason. the harder and more expensive you make anything including guns, the black market opportunists will step in. we all know opportunists have no morals even to killing someone for a buck. we as logical gun people can only write off any organization or person that caves in or participate in these illogical idiotic actions. moms bless their hearts even though some are totally idiots being controlled by someone with money and a political agenda. the people at the top of these organizations are making big bucks trying to achieve what the top 1% of the people with money want to happen, because they are afraid of the masses. you can not fool all the people all the time. and even with their money they can not hire enough people to protect them when the majority turns on them. as far as obama shit head he wants to give gun control to the world organization headed by dictators whether kings or heads of communist countries that know they need the advantage of no one being able to defend themselves or riot and over throw their corrupt government. in the end even that does not work only prolongs and cause more deaths. a bunch of frogs sitting in a pot on the stove turned on in comfy warm water. the big bull frogs in the end will be standing on all the little frogs floating belly up until they can get high enough to jump out. then they will sit down to a frog leg dinner. take a woman out shooting, show her what this is all about. or a man that is against guns. explain what is happening. of course just as i have some no matter what you do and the evidence you give them will not change their minds. we just need to keep trying. never give up the fight, never give up your guns no matter what happens. i would rather be dead or getting 3 squares a day. somethings are worth fighting for. it matters not that the amount of crime has gone down for what 30 years now and the amount of guns in circulation has doubled or tripled. they have no logic and the more guns the more evil. you really have to wonder why obama who is very anti gun allowed holder to block an investigation into fast and furious selling guns to criminals, totally illegal and then holder after losing the last appeal on releasing the info resigned 2 days later. of course still held on to the info until after the elections. it is also surprising the big media has ignored it all. i will not watch any of the big media anymore or ever again. in fact no one involved in the operation was punished or charged. they were transfered and some even got promoted. accessory to murders and including obama. tricky dick only was breaking and entering. to allow murders to further gun control now that is a crazy and a extremely dangerous person. why do we not hear from the moms on that one? heaven forbid, someone involved in trying to eliminate guns can do what they want because they are furthering their cause. crazzzzy eviiiil, or idioooooots. i guess take your choice i am sure there are some of each.

  4. Jay, Jay, Jay…. WTF is wrong with you? It’s truly disappointing to see you turn into a cowering fool when threatened by a bunch of over zealous menopausal women. I never took you for a coward, but obviously you’ve fallen victim to the idealists instead of being able to think for yourself. You look like a total wuss Jay and you should turn in your Man Card to the SHOT Show organizers. I’m sure there are still some men and women out there that have the ability to stand up for what’s right. You’ve lost our respect Jay and to some people, that loss of respect means something. See ya chump…

  5. I remain a Jay Leno, since he has real talent and I appreciate it and him. That said, I am truly saddened that he fell for this kind of blackmail. If I thought he truly subscribed to the thinking of the Bloomberg Crazies, my first sentence would be deleted.

  6. Very disappointed too, bet he wouldn’t cave to the greens on getting rid of all his internal combustion green house emitting cars. Still doing car shows…….It’s all the same a few making noise that the majority do not agree with-look at the election results. RIP Leno with us USA constitution supporting 2nd amendment followers. John Wilson Tampa, FL

  7. Just as well, another wishy-washy actor out of the state of California, which continues to do things in ways the rest of us can only shake our heads at! If the NSSF needs a humorous guest, might I suggest Jeff Foxworthy, or better yet, Bill Engvall. “Here’s your sign”!!!

  8. It is really to bad that Leno is giving up his 1st ammendment rights because of the 2nd ammendment issue to cave to a few anti-gun groups. One would asume that being retired from his show, he could do what he wants. I hope they get a chance to get a better act for the industry dinner. NSSF has done a great job in the past. #LenoLooser

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