Alberta is experiencing something of a wolf problem, especially when it comes to their predatory habits. This video of two wolves bringing down a deer hit YouTube just as Alberta researchers released a study on the results of a seven-year wolf cull in the province meant to safeguard a vulnerable caribou herd. The Canadian Press reported that nearly 45 percent of the wolves in northern Alberta, where this video reportedly took place, are culled every year to prevent the extermination of the caribou herd, which now only consists of about 70 animals. The cull, however, is only a short-term option due to other factors threatening the herd.

“The larger the area that you treat, the more wolves that you’re going to have to deal with and the higher the cost,” said Stan Boutin, a biologist at the University of Alberta. “It’s not scalable, in the sense that I don’t think anyone has the stomach for doing it across the province.”

This video was apparently taken by an oilfield worker, who watched from a distance.

“The best I could’ve done was get out and tried to beat them to death with my radio,” he wrote. “It was hard to watch, but it is just nature after all.”

Image screenshot of video by Brant2580 on YouTube

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29 thoughts on “Video: Wolves Attack Deer in Alberta

  1. You PETA Fsticks think this is better? You think this is balance? These stinking vermin are about to completely eliminate the caribou herd here!!! It’s down to 70!!! Are you really that STUPID!!!!???? Watch this video over and over you sociopathic idiots!!!!!! These are not noble creatures, they are a scourge! And so are you! This is “nature after all” does not take into account the incredible imbalance you idiots have purveyed. You should have your bung and balls chewed out while your still alive. This is what you have imposed on society with your lies and romanticism of this putrid vermin. There are simply extremely too many wolves! There is more now than in recorded time and even in the “wilderness” where they supposedly belong. There is no place they belong as far as I’m concerned.


    1. I am not a fan of peta either but you sir are acting like a child, don’t sink to their level of name calling and pointing fingers. Wolve’s have thier place in the world too but like any other species they need to be managed. Not because they are “bad” and deer are “good:” but rather because we humans have invaded and segmented their home. If they are out of control then their numbers need to be diminished and I am sure that the people in charge of doing so are trying thier best. Remember it is their job to manage and protect the resource and not to exterminate it. Many of whom are more than likely avid outdoorsman themselves. So think before you go saying shit like that because it makes you no better then the anti-hunters/trappers that say the same thing about us.

      1. No one said extinction! They were at very manageable numbers for a long time. Now they are completely out of control. In Alberta! Where you’d think there was enough room. And everywhere-when you have them in your backyard of suburban Minnesota. This town has been here for over 200 years so we didn’t take new ground. They moved here. To an area they never inhabited before. Prairie. The point was that they are hunting to the point of seriously endangering the existence of a caribou herd, and who knows what else somewhere else. I think it is obvious that you don’t get it. I’ve met a number of foolish hunters too, that can’t think through things, and they think wolves are “Cool” too. They think they are good hunters because they see wolves. Like they’ve done something. Some sort of macho bullshit that has nothing to do with it. They saw wolves because there is too many, and the odds are someone will now because there are too many. Now we have to wait for at least a decade before they even respond to that snafu, let alone the time it will take to get the numbers back down. It took an all out attempt to exterminate them just to get the numbers to where they were. Now with hunting seasons and limited number of tags it likely will be a problem that threatens species, and hunting rights for you and me, for a very long time. So if YOU think about it even a little bit before you go spouting off your Luke warm condescension, you would understand my anger was at them not the wolves. Even though I understand their nature is one of destruction, which is why they were brought down to the numbers they were in the first place.

      2. This go’s to max I agree with what you have said bit those wolves started up in your guys area we rifle hunt 30 miles south of the Canadian border and for many years there has always been wolf’s in our area as well but the last 4 5 years the wolf problem has gotten completely out of hand and what the tree huggers don’t understand is that if the population can’t be taken care of legally the hunters will take it into their own hands and that’s when an animal will suffer because of the trouble one will get into if caught

    2. Well has anyone thought about the 9 I’ll companies? There 5 he ones building new roads in these areas creating easy access for caribou and easy picking for the wolves. It is not the wolves fault they are doing what they need to do . It’s the big game hunters crying. Yes the caribou need protecting but not from wolves FROM loss of home range and who do you think is responsible for that one???? Wolves and caribou have existed side by side for thousands of years until MAN put his dirty hands on it.

      1. Only if we can take you & chain you upside down by your ankles to a tree branch. & maybe throw shit at you for fun.

        Don’t be Hating wolves.

  2. Max stout you probably shoot deer with a rifle from a 100 yards away. These wolves are skilled hunters and they are doing what is natural. Grow up and stop leaving stupid comments you sound like a real idiot.

    1. Humans are natural too. There is nothing more natural than the human species hunting for wild protein. Humans hunting with specific tools are no different than a chimp using a termite stick or an otter using a rock to unlock shellfish.

    1. Come on think about it if they kill all the wolfs the balance would be all miss up. There are more pray out there ,so there are wolfs. If all the wolfs are gone then there would be more deer and other pray animals. Then there would more deer hit by cars and then more crops would be eaten by the deer so prices would go up. They keep the numbers of animals and they are the clean up crew of the dead animals, other wise it would smell al the time in the woods. So we need the wolfs or do you want to eat all of the rotten animals bodes just saying.

    1. Really chuck? I thought this was Hollywood..”. This does happen everyday. Only now it happens at a rate that never before existed. There are too many wolves (on purpose), in about half of the habitat that used to exist. They lied about the progress. I don’t begrudge the wolf. I begrudge pompous fools that think they know more and then go F it up. Then viamently defend their foolishness, by claiming us “folks” are too stupid to understand. Did you read the article? They have basically hunted the caribou in that area to near extinction. I’m not blaming the wolf, it’s the dipshits with their hands all over it.

  3. In the wolves defense,they don’t know the animal their hunting for survival is in low numbers, they just see food that they can catch and eat to survive. The predatory animals play their part to the wildlife the same as hunters. Population control. Get rid of the carnivores, it puts more stress on us to keep game animals from overpopulating. Now I love wolves but if their numbers get too overpopulated then I guess give a hunting season for them where the meat and whatever can be is used and I don’t even want to think about a wolf hunting season. Don’t just shoot the animal because its a nussance for your hunting trip. Only if the wolf or mtn lion or whatever actually tries attacking you

  4. And besides, this is nature being nature. Always has been this way, always will be. Where there’s a predictor, there will be prey that get killed. No matter what

    1. It’s not about the wolf necessarily. It’s about the wolf over hunting due to the hands off policy of humans that have romantic feelings for wolves (not intercourse-romanticism). The nature of the animal is without reason. They simply kill, eat some and waste the rest. Then tomorrow do it all over again. The carrion eaters are also out of control because they too have more to eat than ever before.

  5. 3- 160 grain Nosler Partitions would have fixed the problem for all 3; however, this is how nature works. When wolves are hungry they kill and eat. When we see these images it bugs us but it happens everyday out in our evironments. I agree the wolf population is getting out of sync. Here in Saskatchewan this is the case also. Solutions: let nature resolve the issue- no game to feed on the wolves will too die off. Another solution is to cull.

  6. I hope people realize that although the area might be overpopulated with wolves, predators ( like wolves) keep the herds more healthy than they would be without their presence. About half of the herd animal prey that wolves kill are either sick or injured. They have actually been known to keep herds healthier by killing the diseased and keeping the affliction from spreading.
    While i agree that some action should be taken to relocate some of this wolf population, i dont see how people can think that they arent a wonderful part of nature.

    1. That buck is not sick he is healthy in his prime them wolves only hunt the sick when they come across a sick or old animal otherwise any game is fair game

  7. Maybe we could ask the wolves to stop? … What,…that is how dumb some of these comments are. It’s an obvious problem, that needs immediate response. Not arguments for ten years until it’s too late to do anything. I swear half the world argues just to argue. Holy F@#*!!!

    1. Here’s the thing. Letting nature solve this means decimation of the food source and starvation of many wolves. Not pretty. People like big game. We like to hunt them, eat them, watch them, and put them on the wall. Deer, moose, elk, caribou, etc. We want lots of them. Until wolves, bears, coyotes and mt lions learn to eat alfalfa we are gonna need to manage them. Heavily sometimes.

  8. The whole concept of humans managing nature is a dubious proposition at best IMO. It’s almost like humans believe the the world was created for us, therefore we can and should do with it what we please… We are all a part of nature just like the wolves and the deer. We should kill the wolves because they are killing the caribou???? What other animal in nature behaves this way? Not one. Because the rest of nature takes from nature what it needs to survive, and leaves the rest alone. Humans=takers. The rest of nature=leavers. Think about that for a minute…We should learn from that example, instead of thinking that it is somehow our job to control it. The people displacing thes wolves are the real problem, and the cause of the imbalances we see everywhere. Sadly, there may never be a natural balance as there was long long ago.

  9. The wolfs got to eat to. Yes its hard to watch but that is how they eat they might kill and then leave it couse they might not know the next time they will eat next. To us that is wasteful but what is. Just leave the wolfs alone. Nature it isn’t always pretty. Very time humans try to manage nature it got worse. They were put on the earth for a reason just like the deer.

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