Sometimes, you really do get what you wish for. This hunter got the shot of a lifetime when a bull elk was called in and passed by at touching distance. In fact, if it had been any closer, it probably would have bumped into the hunter himself.

If you’ve ever wondered how truly oblivious bull elk are, a 2004 study by researchers at Montana State University found that males are about six times more likely than females to be killed by wolves. This is because during the winter, a bull elk’s first priority will be getting enough food to make up for the weight they lost during the rut. Bulls also rely on their size to intimidate predators, but this tactic does not work all the time.

“For elk in winter, there’s a trade-off between doing the things that will keep them well fed and doing the things that minimize the risk of falling prey to wolves,” ecologist Scott Creel said. “Because cows have more stored fat, they are in a better position than bulls to stop foraging, become vigilant and seek cover when wolves are present.”

What is the closest shot you’ve ever made?

Image screenshot of video by Bon Strout on YouTube

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