At what point does bagging a deer become a mercy kill? For years, residents of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri had been reporting sightings of a mature albino buck in the woods. One hunter in particular had been keeping an eye on the old buck, and this year he decided to harvest the animal. According to KFVS12, bowhunter Jerry Kinnaman shot the buck on his property on Tuesday, and he said that it was probably the best way for the old deer to pass.

Laid out on the ground, the buck bore signs of past battles and old scars. It is uncommon for any albino or white deer to survive into adulthood, much less old age, but this buck seems to have weathered the years. As Kinnamen showed in a video, the deer had almost no teeth left and had small, white hooves.

“He’s probably been shot a couple times by someone with a spotlight, probably been hit by a car a time or two,” the hunter claimed.

You can see a close up of the albino buck below:

Kinnamen believes that the deer is a true albino, although some have noted that the deer appears to have some pigmentation. Albino deer suffer from numerous health defects, including deformed limbs and poor eyesight, so many deer with the condition die shortly after birth. Those that survive will have to contend with predators, which will hone in on their strange coloring. Kinnamen said that it would only be a matter of time before the buck gets pushed out of the area by younger males, and eventually fall prey to either coyotes or a car accident.

“I would say that this is probably the last year he’d probably survive, you know, in the wild,” he said in the video.

Not everyone agrees that the hunter made the right choice in harvesting the animal. Some residents said they enjoyed having the deer around and will miss it, while others have criticized Kinnamen for taking what they believe is a “rare” animal. This is not the first time that a hunter has been disparaged for taking an albino or white deer, and in other instances there have even been death threats. Kinnamen, however, stood by his decision as the right thing to do.

“This is the buck of a lifetime […] he’s not my biggest deer, but he’s definitely the oldest and most unique deer that I’ll probably ever take in my life,” the hunter said.

Image screenshot of video by semissourian on YouTube

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49 thoughts on “Missouri Hunter Harvests Old, Nearly Toothless 10-point Albino Buck

  1. I think its disgusting how he seems to be so proud of taking the bucks life, holding its head up smiling like “Look what I shot” and bragging about it making it seem he was the hero. Really? The reason no one else was even attempting to shoot it was because it was RARE. Please!!! You should have let God attend to the fate of the deer, not you!!!!! That is why the deer has lived so long you bonehead. I hope you sleep better at night because all your saying your trying to be humane I am not buying it. If that was the case, you would have contacted a local wildlife refuge, told them of the deers condition, and had them bring the animal safely where others could enjoy him with food and medicine as I am sure plenty of people would have donated for that. BUT NO. You had to go and spoil that. You did it for the glory for you and only you and deciding after all the flack to donate it to some museum. Be honest. Especially when you said “This is the buck of a lifetime”. REALLY???? Again, no its not, its one of Gods beautiful creatures and thank goodness there are not more hunters like you out there otherwise there wouldnt be any more of them around. SHAME SHAME.

    1. i hope you smile at night after having dinner with your family after eating the meat you went and bought from the store.
      This man worked for his food. Which is more then I can say for you

    2. Leatherneck, let it be noted that you brought “god” into the discussion. Ill direct you to gods word “the bible” I wont bother you with specific versus, your more than welcome to look the matter up for yourself. But your comment of “you should have let god attend to the fate of the deer” essentially by harvesting this game which I will assure you some one will eat for the nourishment of their body, is in fact, god attending to the fate of the deer. You are correct in saying this is one of gods beautiful creatures, its also one of gods tasty creatures. Also your “thanking goodness” that there are not more hunters like him, is very nieve on your part, in fact there are well into the millions just in this nation and countless many of US world wide. Feel free to crawfish out of your comments. But basically your thought process is flawed and incorrect. The next time you attempt the use god as your stick to swing please be sure your information is correct.

      1. Please read my comment on Dicks post. When I stated more hunters like him, I was speaking on the terms of this ONE incident regarding an icon in a local community, not about the entire deer population. Seriously? Obviously being intelligent, you know that I was not speaking on the terms of ALL deer. I am not against hunters by all means as myself have hunted, and at times we as a society need to control a population of species, and animals are for our consumption. Check. It was about this ONE specific deer and everyone KNOWS what I am saying in how he went about it was a poor decision choice, in my opinion. It is what it is at this point. If he was watching it for years, as he stated, then he had time to come up with a better decision that in the end everyone would have praised.

    3. So, you decide to berate the person for taking an albino buck, while referring to it as one of God’s beautiful creatures that should have been left to live. Your screen name is “Leatherneck”, where does leather come from? Hmm, after seeing your name and reading some of your post (I read the full thing after I came back from wondering how someone calling themselves leatherneck could shame someone else for killing an animal) it seems as if you like to type like a hypocritical bigot. Could just be me though…

    4. The hunter provided a humane death with dignity to the animal. If it had died of natural causes, it would have either died of old age perhaps starving to death since it had almost no teeth, been killed by coyotes or hit by a car and suffered tremendously. He provided a quick, almost painless death to an animal that deserved no less, a swift alternative to long term suffering.

      1. Again, why I said “bring the animal in” with the wildlife refuge. This is how I would have imagined it and what a great story it would have left to his grandchildren to read some day instead of this one. I would have imagined him contacting a news media who would of loved a great story around Christmas where the hunter would have spoken to them about his watching the animal for years and how awesome the buck was and that he was concerned for its health and other herds. So the media would have done a great story and being a local icon that everyone loved to see, they could have taken pics of its beauty for others to remember it by (Not laying dead on the ground with a hunter). And if at that time the state decided it better to put it down, at least it would have been with a whole community supporting the decision and having the memory of spending time with it seeing they all felt it was part of their community. That would have made so many people happy and he would have been more respected for it instead of receiving so much flack over it. That is all I am trying to state. We all do things we wish we could have done better. But it is what it is at this point. There were plenty of other bucks I am sure he could of killed for meat if that was the case.

      2. If he went to a wildlife refuge he still would have died of old age, he probably wouldn’t have ate there and had a horrible death,


    5. leatherneck if your going to bring GOD into this discussion you should read and understand GODS words. GOD told all of us these words . And God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful, and multiply,
      and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish
      of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living animal
      that moveth upon the earth. so this gentlemen has the GOD given right to do so. the shame is on you as you can see by all these positive comments . well done jerry you have every reason to be proud. dave j. canada

    6. Obviously you do not know anything about hunting, wildlife management, or nature. The deer was about to die a horrible death by starving to death and probably being eaten alive. You sir, if you have any common sense you would understand that 1) this deer was while “rare” about to die, 2) look up the term wildlife management, and see that it says you have to control the population, and 3) go out and get attacked by a wild animal, and see what it feels like to be eaten alive, and then maybe you would know what this man kept this deer from experiencing, or even worse go out and let a car hit you at 60-70 mph and see how it feels, if you live then to know that you would have to fight off wild animals that are wanting to eat you as old as this deer was in human years it would be somewhere at about 80-85 years old.
      Learn a little about wildlife management, and nature before you go and quit hugging trees so much that it cuts off any common sense that you might have left

    7. I had the enjoyment of watching this deer in my yard for over 2 1/2 years. She appeared shortly after birth with another fawn and their mother. The second one had white rear legs and a spotted rump,it was hit by a car a few months later.
      We contacted the Game Warden to see about moving them to a reserve and he stated they should be “Killed” so the would not reproduce! We contacted {THE WILDS } here in Ohio which is only 25 miles from my house after the one was killed. We asked them to come and try to capture it, and they wanted nothing to do with it! My neighbors and I kept out corn between our properties to keep her in the area and away from the road. She survived TWO deer seasons and had her own baby this spring!
      Late this summer she was killed by a car, but her baby was kept by the group that she was Finally accepted into.
      The first year she was a outcast and the others stayed away from her.


    9. He took a genetically flawed, very old deer. It was going to be taken by predation or starvation. This is proper deer management

      Enjoy your steak tonight while you think yourself so righteous. Go tell you kids how hunting is so bad on your next trip to KFC.


    10. would it matter what color the deer was was it comes flying through your windshield?

      albinos are genetically inferior and need removed from the gene pool not given a free pass

    11. If the deer didn’t have any teeth, it was going to starve to death you dumb shit. So damn tired of you people and “righteous” greater than thou, let it live, don;t kill it BS and you don;t have a damn clue as too why it needs to be done!

    12. Once in a life time opportunity good for him…. HOLD THAT HEAD HIGHand taste that delicious meat that you can’t get anywhere else good job

    13. If you are so proud of your opinion why do you identify yourself as “Guest” — there is NO shame or wrong in hunting and harvesting an animal for food.

  2. I am so sick of hearing or reading self righteous people like you Leatherneck complaining about how this man killed a deer that he should not have. First off the albino is a genetic defect which if he was allowed to live would continue to weaken tha rest of the deer population. How you ask??? Albino deer have much poorer eyesight, and tend to have immune and health problems too, not to mention the color which makes it easier for predators to see them.
    So if anything he did the rest of the herd a favor by taking this animal down.
    People give hunters a hard time for what they do…..what about how cattle,chicken,pigs,etc….are treated and killed in the HUGE livestock farms???HUH??? Have you ever seen how those animals are treated??? I don’t see you complaining about how these animals are treated. Nope, because it is convenient not to have to do it yourself.
    Why don’t you get off your high horse and get up before the break of dawn and go out and sit in a tree or on the ground for hours on end and see what it is like to go out and EARN YOU MEAT instead of just going to the store.
    Congrats to you Jerry Kinnaman on your success.

  3. Great buck, and definitely a trophy of a lifetime! That said, this deer is probably no older than 5 yrs. In the area shown in the video of the deer’s mouth, whitetail deer don’t have teeth in that part of thier mouth. They have molars and premolars in the back of their mouth for breaking down plant matter, and incisors, in the lower front of their jaw for nipping leaves and branches, and smooth gums in between. If they showed far enough back in this deer’s mouth, he has lots of teeth, and as said before, he is not super old, probably a 5 yr old buck, but mature nonetheless.

    You can see what I am refering to in the attached pic.

    *sorry of all the attached pics, it didn’t seem to load correctly at first, maybe someone can delete the extras.*

    1. I work with a kid from Cape who says he’s seen this deer on his family’s property almost every year for 8 years. Other accounts from nearby residents say the same thing.

      1. It could be, but to determine that, you would have to look at the teeth that he does have, not just a section of the gumline, where teeth have never existed on a whitetail deer.

  4. ok, I got to ask this question……Leatherneck, do you eat sea food, pork, beef, chicken….someone had to shoot, wring, hook, or just had to beat over the head to kill it. so do YOU eat THESE meats ???? this man IS proud of what he has done and he will be able to feed his family for awhile. now you may be a PITA Person and that is fine, however, if he would have killed this deer and left it shame on him. if you didn’t know, there is a group that harvests deer for homeless, and needy.

    1. you know P.E.T.A ought to stand for People Eating Tasty Animals, I do not understand why some people are so upset about this deer being killed, especially if they eat meat themselves. Any hunter who takes a deer especially in the late season SHOULD be proud.

  5. Leatherneck sure isn’t a red neck, he’s an idiot. Does he have any idea of the suffering that involved in starving to death, because that would have been the bucks fate even in a mild winter, in a winter like last year with his teeth mere stubs he would have frozen to death, not a nice way to go either. That’s cold hard reality, not liberal nicey, nicey. Liberals never want to deal with the reality of what really is,, they always want some nice solution. In nature their is no nice solution. The deer was not in good condition , you can tell just by looking at the pictures. It’s doubtful the deer would have lived another month at most. The hunter did the best thing. The hide I’m sure will be saved, the rack mounted and the meat utilized, not rotting in the woods somewhere.


      1. LOL,,,!!!! ,oh dear another one ! a silly childish comment like this one cannot even begin to try to imagine the very poor level of intelligence, and extreme ignorance. I could resort to using same sort of comments like ,,,go eat your mother etc but that would only serve to lower myself to the same common and base level as yourself.

      2. Harry,
        You are obviously a very uneducated individual, when it comes to conservation and management, especially in the wildlife form. I’m begging you to not post anymore, and make your self look any worse.

      3. Barry
        And when did you become such an expert, One need not be a brain surgeon to know what conservation/management means to hunters and the like ,,, just an excuse to kill / blood lust. This is why there is such an anti hunting lobby going on ,case in point California ! Yes hunters are very popular

      4. Since I graduated with Wildlife Science degree from Mississippi State University, and have been an avid hunter and outdoors man since a young age. It doesn’t take a whole lot to understand the concept of conservation and management, but the details of getting from point A to point B, are what requires a little more education. You obviously don’t have an open enough mindset to understand any of it, and from the way you talk, you never will.

      5. Well done , a wildlife science degree , impressed , my point still stands ,hunters trappers with all their intelligence and interference cause nothing but harm , all in the name of sports ,,, blood sports , as if mankind can out do mother natures’ work, I do not want to even try to understand the mentality of people who kill to get a buzz and call it conservation, that is not conservation that is killing and as far as i and many many others it still is killing . We will never see eye to eye, you are of course welcome to your opinion and have every right to think as you please , for my part i will do all i can to stamp out hunting in all its forms . Have a good day

      6. As I stated before, you don’t and never will have an open enough mindset to understand conservation and management.

      7. You are welcome to your opinion, let everyone else have theirs, if you don’t mind , with all the university degrees one still has a closed mind as to the opinions and believes of others , what makes you think that you are right ,and every one else is wrong , ,,,because it suits

      8. The difference here is that you have an opinion (which you are welcome to), and I have supported facts that prove proper conservation and management, through hunting, and habitat mangement, produce healthier wildlife populations as a whole, including other species that are indirectly impacted for the better.

      9. I realize you’ve got facts to hand the big question is how many times have ANY facts been proven WRONG, refereeing to anything brought about by human understanding. what you are saying if I’m not mistaken is that the almighty and mother nature needs human help to get things right , the above mentioned have been doing the job since the very beginning and certainly DOES NOT require human intervention in fact any time mankind has messed about with the planet in any way shape or form he has without doubt screwed things up, all one need do is open one’s eyes look around , corruption is rampant, envoi mental disasters, the list is endless and you actually think mankind is doing a good job ?, I can see that you believe in what and how you think, I just hope that that you are right for your own sake if nothing else . Barry, I appreciate your point of view , really do but hell will have to freeze over first before I condone or be part of hunting /trapping etc , nature can do the job very well without us problem is she has a bigger job because of the mess humans leave behind

      10. Yes, certainly does , been good chatting with you though, . I do have some weapons which I use ONLY for target shooting mind , a FAL (enfield),an original 1943 M1, sterling smg 9mm, a P1 walther,,a 357 mag cattle man, couple of CZ 453, some air rifles , 2 lee enfield, couple 20mm cannon from the last war crashed a/c, perhaps can exchange info

      11. So what happen with over population , diseases, deer being hit by cars , how do plan to fix that ,,, don’t give ur rambling ,give solutions ,,,,, and I really need to know do you eat meat .

  7. He shows the area where there aren’t teeth…. you need to look at the molars..
    I’m not against shooting it, but I don’t believe he is anywhere near 10 Years old.. jmho

  8. everyone that believes he is in the wrong is ignorant. this man worked for his kill he had him on camera for 4 years the deer was fair game thats like letting a 190 inch deer walk because its unique? all deer are different so what makes him so wrong? if you dont like what he did then get off the hunting news feed! stupid critics

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