The team over at may have a little too much time on their hands, or just a fascination with science. With a bunch of packing tape, balsa wood, helium, and a single 9x19mm round, the amateur physicists sent the cartridge floating off to space on a large balloon. According to their website, the rig reached 120,000 feet—or roughly 22 miles—above land before the balloon popped and sent the contraption back to earth. At its highest point, the 9x19mm experienced a temprature of -77.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

“No matter what the real reason for the balloon’s puncture and descent, the rig landed about four hours after initial lift-off,” the experimenters wrote online. “The rig came back to ground level, gobbled up by the branches of a tree inside a state park where our boys were able to recover it—41 miles west of its initial launch point. Don’t worry, the round was inert, loaded with a dead primer and no powder so if it had landed in the wrong hands, it couldn’t have been used against us!”
So while this inert 9x19mm may have not been fired into space by some kind of super gun, the video is still interesting enough to be worth a watch.

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