The subject of casket design may be a morbid topic, but more and more people are looking into customizing their final arrangements—and that means choosing the right casket. From the traditional to something a little more unique, a number of companies offer custom-built caskets in a wide variety of styles. One of the designs on the market is a hunting-themed, camouflage-lined casket. Layouts from the subtle, with only certain parts of the casket adorned with camo, to the fully wrapped.

Yet the existence of these caskets begs the question, do people actually buy them, or are they just a gimmick? According to Don Hall, who has worked in the casket business for 40 years and currently owns Hall Caskets in Shreveport, Louisiana, business is brisk.

“It really gets popular this time of year—during hunting season—from September to February,” Hall told The Shreveport Times.

Hall’s company, a wholesaler that delivers to licensed funeral homes, is not the only one that produces a hunting-themed design. Other manufacturers such as ‘Til We Meet Again, the Aurora Casket Company, and online marketplaces like Ultimate Memorials also offer their own variations. Typically constructed out of 18 to 20 gauge metal or traditional hardwood, the only difference between these caskets and more standard ones are their designs. The level of detail sunk into the design depends on how much the buyer is willing to invest.

“The Hunter Oak features solid oak hardwood construction with a laser engraved deer plaque in the head panel and laser engraved deer on the lugs,” reads a product description on Aurora Casket’s website. “The Natural Oak camouflage interior recalls a hunter’s affinity with nature and love of the outdoors.”

Buyers can order just about any kind of embroidery they can think of. Different options exist for animals other than deer, such as turkey, pheasant, and even bass for devoted anglers.

“In Arkansas they like to put a big gobbler in the back,” said James Flurry, sales manager for Hall Caskets. “We can sew a deer jumping the log in the background. Baby boomers really love the camouflage look.”

There are no hard numbers on the sales of hunting-themed caskets in America, but custom caskets as a whole appear to be growing in popularity. What do you think about camo caskets? Would you consider one for yourself or a loved one? Is it just a gimmick? Feel free to leave your comments below.

You can see an example of a camo casket from ‘Til We Meet Again below:

Image screenshot of video by Roger Bridges on YouTube

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