Have you ever seen an albino raccoon? This strange-looking creature was recently trapped in northeastern Indiana’s District 2. According to officials with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, it appears to be a true albino.

How rare are albino raccoons? Some experts place them at one in 750,000, while others say that albinism in raccoons is either a little more common or even more rare. At any rate, the odds of seeing an albino raccoon are much lower than being struck by lightning. For the raccoon, however, living with albinism could be a challenge.

“Albinism is a recessive trait that is definitely very rare, and it makes animals much more susceptible to predation,” Bronson Strickland, a professor of wildlife at Mississippi State University, told The Commercial Appeal. “Albinos are often born with some curvature in their spines that makes it hard for them to walk and run. They’re also prone to a jawbone disorder that makes it hard for them to eat normally.”

Without its trademark “mask” and markings, the critter looks distinctly different than the standard raccoon. Raccoons can be found commonly across almost the entirety of North America, and have even been introduced to Europe and Asia as well.

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10 thoughts on “Photo: Rare Albino Raccoon Trapped in Indiana

  1. I saw one last night in my neighborhood. It rN into a drainage ditch as I was passing it. At first I thought it might have been an opossum, but it’s tail was furry.

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