What happens when you take the host of a British hunting program to US gun stores? Well, it’s like the proverbial kid in a candy store. Join Fieldsports Channel’s Charlie Jacoby as he briefly tours popular sporting equipment stores like Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, and of course, the nation’s myriad gun stores. As he explores, Jacoby explains to a British audience a little about American gun culture and gun laws, as well as expressing some regret over the UK’s strict gun control laws.

“British gun shops are traditionally petty little things stuffed down back streets. But this is America!” Jacoby exclaims.

Image screenshot of video by Fieldsports Channel on YouTube

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7 thoughts on “Video: British Fieldsports Channel Host Experiences American Gun Shops

  1. Between its ridiculous firearms laws & its surrender to mooslems, Britain has just about committed suicide. What was once a great country will soon enough be an arab 3rd world nation. Sad, so sad.
    With political correctness run a muck, & liberal / progressives entrenched in our educational systems, if we aren’t vigilant, we could be next.

  2. The terrorists know that an unarmed populace is an easy target.
    Ask France…. they just had an abject lesson on this.

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