Video: Former Dolphins Fullback on His Death-defying, 16-hour Swim to Safety


While fishing off the coast of Florida last week, former Miami Dolphin fullback Rob Konrad was knocked into the water and endured a grueling 16-hour swim back to shore. As he described it, Konrad was nine miles from the coast when he finished setting lines. At that moment, a rogue wave swept the ex-football player from his boat and into the ocean.

“At that point in time I realized—after panicking for a minute—realized that I was in some real trouble,” Konrad told reporters in a press conference. “I was nine miles out, my boat was on auto-pilot heading east towards the Bahamas, I didn’t have a chance to give a SOS call simply because I was ejected from the boat so quickly, I did not have a personal flotation device on me, and there were no boats in sight.”

Without much in the way of options, the athlete decided to swim back. Watch as Konrad recounts his emotional story of survival below.

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