Kalashnikov enthusiasts, rejoice. The official importer of Russian-made AKs, RWC Group, announced at SHOT Show today that they would be opening an AK factory in the United States later this year.

The new US manufacturer is called Kalashnikov USA. Jim Kelly, production manager with Kalashnikov USA, said that at least three states are currently in the running for hosting the company’s production facilities.

The Kalashnikov USA booth at SHOT 2015. The firearms on display were still built in Russia, but the company hopes to have their first American-made AKs available later in 2015.
The Kalashnikov USA booth at SHOT 2015. The firearms on display were still built in Russia, but the company hopes to have their first American-made AKs available later in 2015.

Kelly said that after choosing a host state they hope to have production lines up and running shortly, and ideally the first Kalashnikov USA guns will be available in the second quarter of 2015.

According to Kelly, Kalashnikov USA plans to manufacture roughly “80 percent” of the firearms currently produced by the factory in Russia. That could include shotguns, conventional rifles, and even, according to AK Operators Union, a 9x19mm carbine.

A Saiga shotgun customized for 3-gunning on display at the Kalashnikov USA booth.
A Saiga shotgun customized for 3-gunning on display at the Kalashnikov USA booth.

A number of heavily customized Russian-made AKs were on display at the Kalashnikov USA booth, including several Saiga shotguns specifically designed for 3-gunning and modernized, tactical rifles. Kelly indicated that he was gauging reactions to the firearms at the booth for potential inclusion in future production runs.

The announcement of an American Kalashnikov factory comes as welcome news to Kalashnikov enthusiasts in the United States. Import of Russian-made AK rifles was cut off by President Barack Obama in 2014, part of sanctions introduced against Russian individuals and companies in the wake of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

A Russian-made rifle on display at the Kalashnikov USA booth.
A Russian-made rifle on display at the Kalashnikov USA booth.

True Russian-made AKs are considered by many to be the highest-quality Kalashnikovs available in the world. Obama’s import ban caused the prices of the Russian-made AKs that remain in the United States to increase significantly.

Note added 1-23-2015: The official press service of Kalashnikov Concern has announced that they will not be working directly with RWC Group and Kalashnikov USA. We will be keeping an eye on Kalashnikov USA and look forward to seeing their guns hit the market.

Images by Matt Korovesis

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  • Dick Trickel

    Thanks Obama

    • IdahoMan

      And Bush..
      And Clinton..
      And 2ndBush..

  • Bob Howe

    Hope that means more domestic ammo. We need 5.45 plzthx

    • slappytheturd

      awww… how cute. another video game kid pretending to know about guns and ammo.

      • John Luxom

        He’s absolutely right though… We could use with a 5.45 production plant.

      • xtype

        Got a problem with Hornady?

      • John Luxom

        Nope. The more production plants we have around though the more ammo we’ll see on the shelves. This means the prices will come down, and we can stop dealing with backpage scalpers. Same situation as 22lr right now.

      • JoelM

        Doesn’t Hornady import their casings and then just finish loading them though? That’s how they used to do it for the russian calibers.

      • Robot

        i got a problem with paying for the same steel case at 4x the price , sooooo yeah, hornady sucks

      • Bob Howe

        Really? go slap some turds dumbass. I’ve been shooting for nearly 20 years.

      • Are you autistic? I’d be going AK over AR right now if 5.45 was abundant but it is not

  • Henry Rollins

    Everyone rails on Obama about this and that. Really this was his secret plan, hatched in concert w/ the NRA to bring jobs and more guns to the American people. I for one salute him on his cunningness!

    • John Luxom

      The level of troll here is so strong I can’t stand it.

    • JoelM

      You are severely overestimating his intelligence.

      • shotz90s

        I was trying to be nice haha.

    • 57 Stratman

      Time to dig your head out of your rectum pal, and see this ass-clown for what he really is! Working in concert with the NRA?? Are you serious??? What color is the sky in your world???

      • shotz90s

        Ha, got you. I was just trying to bring a bit of humor here.

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  • Matt Shermer

    Wonder if a US made AK-12 is in the cards…

  • drew

    build me the VSS Vintorez meow!

  • OZ

    Obama sucks. The quicker we get him out, the better we breathe. He is and always will be the worst prez. we ever had.

    • JoelM

      His farts are the worst I hear. No but seriously, I agree.

  • JoelM

    Hopefully they start making cold hammer forged AK barrels here. That would be the icing on the cake.

  • Sam Massengill

    A .50 AK ??

  • Mohammad Fuxpigs

    If they produce the SVD for a reasonable price they would sell like 22lr.

    • dream on goym!

      • Mohammad Fuxpigs

        But I could use my SVD to remove kosher!


      • Mohammad Fuxpigs

        They can’t import, but they can mfg em here… I hope!

      • Is is my greatest wish for Klashnikov USA to manufacture

        1. AK-12s of all caliber variants the “real” version fires
        2. SVD
        3. PKM semi-auto
        4. producing the 5.45 cartridge

        A man can dream

      • Mohammad Fuxpigs

        I’m with you on both the SVD! & maybe an RPD…

    • bushrat49

      Although I applaud the move. Don’t forget, US production means much higher prices.

      • Mohammad Fuxpigs

        Nope. The price of an SVD went from $1,000 to $15,000 because of the import ban. If Americans can’t reproduce an overgrown SKS for a couple thousand dollars (less then the current price of an SVD) then I’ll move & deny ever having been an American. The price should go down- not up.

  • Patrick Peterson


  • sig121

    LOL executive order overide

  • GodsHolyTrousers

    Pflugerville, Texas 78660 is proud to welcome Kalishnakov to the USA.


      2nd that! Right next door to TrackingPoint!

  • 57 Stratman

    I think this is something that you’re going to see more of. If our worthless president wants to commit executive restraint of trade, it doesn’t surprise me at all that someone would get smart and decide that if the president wants to block legal import of these guns, then we’ll just make them here. I wonder which state they’ll settle in? It’s an absolute certainty that it won’t be in the northeast, like New York or Connecticut. New York, where I currently live but also where I’m seriously thinking about moving away from, has been doing everything in it’s power to chase gun manufacturers out of the state, including manufacturers like Remington, a company that’s been based in Ilion NY since it’s inception. It’s a real shame that the power’s that run the government in this once fine state seem to think it’s a good idea to chase businesses out of the state.

    • Taz_man

      That’s OK Alabama will take all the gun manufacturing we can get. AS the old saying goes “COME ON DOWN”

  • donkey_dean

    Hell Yeah!

  • donkey_dean

    Very nice!

  • RPJ

    Awesome! Suck it Obummer!

  • yakman2

    WELCOME to PEEyay!!! After all Obama did say “It’s the Guns and Religion State!!!” I would be so proud to have them make them in Pa.!!!!

  • Rachel Humphrey

    My question is WHO is running this place or are we bring russians in to run it?