Video: Duck Hunters Run into “Bird Storm”


Imagine driving your UTV to a pit blind when a brace of ducks fly overhead. Oh, that’s pretty neat, you might remark to yourself, as even more ducks—and some confused looking geese—pass you by. Looks like you’ll have little trouble bagging dinner. But then, wave after wave of the birds start battering your windshield like feathery hail and all you can hear is the quacking of ten thousand ducks all at once.

The hunters in this video came across a waterfowl whirlwind, and it is both scary and memorizing. The men take shelter behind the relative safety of their windshield, but their dog seems to have its own ideas and decided to brave the storm in the hopes of taking down a duck.

“Have you ever seen anything like this?” asked one of the hunters.

Well, silver carp comes to mind. Does that mean we should start calling ducks “sky carp?”



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