Video: Tangled Bucks Separated by Chainsaw


Finding a pair of antler-locked bucks is often a somber experience. Much of the time, tangled antlers can mean a death sentence for both deer, yet is not uncommon for one of the bucks to soldier on long after the other one perished. Suffering from hunger and exhaustion, the survivor will have to carry the weight of its defeated rival while escaping the attentions of opportunistic predators. There have been cases where bucks were found carrying little more than an extra set of racks after coyotes devoured most of its companion.

For this weary deer however, rescue came just at the right time. This video was posted to Facebook by Brian Anderson of Mississippi and shows several men rescuing a buck with a chainsaw. The deer appeared to be very weak and could barely get to its feet upon release, but according to the post, the buck later recovered.

It’s not everyday you can use a chainsaw on a live deer and still feel good about yourself. Video contains some strong language.

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