Perhaps nowhere else is the term “safety in numbers” more apt than in the wild. Very few animals, from the cunning coyote to the massive mound of muscle that is a grizzly bear, will attack groups of humans without provocation. However, a pipeline crew operating 55 miles south of Grande Prairie, Alberta found out that there are exceptions to that “rule.” According to the Edmonton Journal, a mountain lion stalked and ambushed a crew of pipeline workers in a forested area on Friday, inflicting serious but non-life threatening injuries upon two men.

Stephen Campbell, 31, one of the victims, told Global News that it was the most terrifying experience of his life.

“I felt a weight on my back and I thought, initially, one of the boys was coming around to horse around,” Campbell said. “Then I felt the cougar bite into my skull and sink its claws into the sides of my face.”

Campbell credited the three other men on the pipeline crew for coming to his rescue, using bare fists and skid hooks in an attempt to get the 80-pound cat off of him. The animal’s initial attack nearly ended the pipeline worker’s life in an instant—a slash of the cat’s claws caught Campbell just above his throat on his chin. Subsequent biting nearly took his ear off and left multiple laceration marks on his face. Campbell was eventually able to throw the cougar to the ground, which gave the men enough time to lock themselves within the safety of their truck. When one of the men left the safety of the car to check if the animal had left, the mountain lion pounced on him and bit the man in the shoulder.

The crew then had no choice but to wait it out inside the truck. At one point, the cat even crawled underneath the vehicle’s trailer, where it stayed until the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived and euthanized the animal. Alberta Fish and Wildlife stated that it is currently investigating the incident, but can give no clues as to why the cougar decided to attack the pipeline crew. Wildlife experts say mountain lion attacks are rare, but not unheard of. The fact that this animal decided to attack not just one person, but several, is also troubling.

“It was stalking us,” Campbell confirmed in an interview.

The pipeline worker said that he might have been targeted because he was the smallest person on the crew. Campbell added that he has had trouble sleeping since the encounter, and will have to undergo reconstructive surgery on his ear.

You can watch an interview with the survivor below:

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16 thoughts on “Mountain Lion Attacks Canadian Pipeline Crew, Fought Off with Bare Fists

  1. Mountain lion attacks are nowhere near as rare as the “experts” would have us believe. In Nebraska we have had more than a dozen people stalked and attacked by lions just here in my county. But, much like the wolves, the lions are more important than humans therefore we downplay their presence, numbers and aggression.

    1. I have never downplayed it. I hate it when they do, as a matter of fact, IMMEDIATELY AFTER THIS VIDEO, another one pops up titled: NEWS HOUR CALGARY – Cougar Awareness In Kananaskis Country
      and again, some Game Warden is flat out lying to people telling us 00:40 They’re NOT OUT TO KILL US ???
      What? Then why to they keep killing us, yes, and eating us? Granted, sometimes they’re driven from habitat, but other times they are not, and they should stop lying to people, they are definitely killing people and eating them. They don’t want people to carry guns though, yes, like we shouldn’t have a right to protect ourselves from these vicious animals. Even Coyotes now are beginning to “pack hunt” and they’re beginning to attack not only large animals, but also humans. Once again, people DON’T have the right to know the TRUTH, nor do they have the right to protect themselves from these animals. They’re sweet creatures, and they are just doing what comes natural, and we shouldn’t hold grudges when they kill your son, your daughter, your father, or your wife, or how about yourself??? In California you’re not even allowed to protect yourself from people when people attack you (unless it’s inside of your own home, but if it’s on your property outside of the home it’s against the law). You are only permitted to call 911, but that’s not going to save your life most of the time.

      1. It’s okay that you aren’t the brightest crayon in the box……but brown is nothing to crow about.

    1. I’m sure that is what Adam Lanza said when he walked into Sandy Hook Elementary. Needed some protection from those kindergarteners/police.

  2. Why did that cougar attack the man…a human? HE was hungry, w-t-hell meat =meat. If I was starving in the winter time and I saw a cougar and had a rifle ? I’d damn sure shoot him, skin him, him and be glad I got him. Why?? That’s just the kinda sob I am. It is us against them.

  3. Take care of yourselves out there. You know the truth. I have a bunch of stories from just the past ten years. The DNR planted six mating pairs into this area of Minnesota. It is prairie and farms. There is virtually no forested areas. The woods we do have are small, knitted together by wind breaks. Some small river habitat too. Otherwise it’s flat farm fields for as far as you can see. The local ranger called and warned the residents and asked them to report what they saw. A farmers wife who handled the call asked “So, when the mountain lions are in the calf corral shredding my calves, you want me to call you and tell you they are shredding my calves?”. To this the ranger responded (just about the only one I’ve ever heard that had any sense) ” ma’am, what I would recommend is exercising the thre S’s. Shoot, shovel, and shut up”. The ranger understood that these animals didn’t belong in this part of the country. They were never there before. Why now? We’ve seen them respond to and head toward gunshots during the deer season. We’ve had them challenge us in the middle of the night, right in deer camp. I had one den under my camper, and jumped up on top with me in it. The generator was running just 50ft away, and I had just turned off the news and gotten into bed. I had one trail me into the woods in early dark while bow hunting, at a time when you couldn’t carry a sidearm while bow hunting. In recent years that changed because they know how stupid and dangerous that could be. They made a huge litterbox right on my trail where I cross 250 yards of open meadow. We haven’t seen much from them for awhile now. I’m suspecting they either ranged out of this area, since it was not suitable anyway. Or the locals have done what the DNR ranger recommended. Also we have black bears, wolves, coyotes up the yang yang, so competition is pretty high. We have seen recently a large reduction in deer populations. I see kill sites and bones all over the place. We have never seen anywhere near this many ever. They tried to blame it on bad winters, as if we never had bad winters before. Hello. Minnesota! Bad winters do have an impact, but not like this. That also doesn’t account for the dozens of kill sites we see all year, spring, summer, and fall too.

  4. I have been attacked! May 1996. Much different outcome. It is Rare VERY RARE. Lots of misinformation on this subject. Don’t listen to the SH#T house lawyers.

  5. they will attack a herd of deer going for one and the rest flee, so why should this be strange. Your grandpa killed off animals that were a hazard to him and his, modern people are too stupid, they actually think they are the top of the food chain.

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