Video: Helmet Cam Captures Breathtaking Avalanche Rescue


There are few things scarier than being buried in an icy tomb, and snowmobiler Mike Salmon could only watch on in horror as one of his friends triggered an avalanche last week near Afton, Wyoming. The incident was recorded in full by the helmet cam that Salmon was wearing. As the video begins, one of the snowmobilers starts climbing up a mountainside, only to be engulfed as Salmon and several others look on.

At about 16 seconds into the video, you can actually see snow fracture and sweep up the unfortunate snowmobiler as the snow rolls down the mountain.

“Where is he?” asked one of the snowmobilers as the avalanche faded.

Fortunately, Salmon and his companions were able to rescue their buried friend, who somehow manged to come to rest with his head above the surface of the snow. According to the Daily Mail, the man was shaken but uninjured. With that kind of luck, he should probably buy a lotto ticket soon.

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