Video: A Peek Inside Orlando’s Machine Gun “Theme Park”


Where better to situate a machine gun “theme park” than sunny Orlando, Florida? High-priced facilities in Vegas may be the most famous when it comes to machine gun tourism, but this 10-lane range provides similar amenities with a characteristic Orlando flair.

“​Machine Gun America provides the excitement of a machine gun shoot akin to the Los Vegas facilities, but with a twist,” the facility’s safety and training director, Wes Doss, previously told OutdoorHub. “The ranges are overbuilt and the number-one concern for our staff is safety. What it can offer people, whether they are enthusiasts or just curious, is the experience of trying out a collection of museum-quality pieces that go from World War One to our current generation of modern firearms.”

Take a sneak peek at the facility below, or read more about Machine Gun America here.

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