Video: Grisly Bear-on-bear Killing Caught on Trail Cam


We outdoorsmen and women are well aware of the violent and unpredictable nature of the outdoors, but sometimes the things that remote trail cams capture shock even the most veteran sportsman.

Bears have almost no natural predators, and in many areas they can comfortably lay claim to being the most powerful creatures in the forest. Yet, cubs and yearlings are still vulnerable, especially to older males, which have been known to practice infanticide. Without the protection of their mothers, bear cubs can succumb to any number of dangers—including death by the claws of one of their own. In this video captured by a hunter’s trail camera, a two-year-old bear thinks it hit the jackpot after discovering a bait site laden with goodies. Yearling bears are in a dangerous phase of their lives, and their inexperience can lead to a grisly demise. A more experienced bear might have been more cautious. After all, if it smelled the bait, other predators would have too.

What happens next is sudden, graphic, and quite frankly, disturbing. Such is nature.


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