Longboarder Jared Henry probably wasn’t expecting a deer to knock him right off his board, but this athlete decided to roll with it. Henry was filming a brand video for Fayettechill Clothing Company in the Ozarks when he discovered a sudden need for his safety equipment.

Fayettechill Clothing Company wrote in the description:

Before this run, the sun was setting and the air was getting colder by the minute. Because of this Jared threw on his Local Dave button-down before he started his ride. It was a clutch idea because minutes later he was sliding on pavement on his stomach at 40 MPH.

Chillest part about the whole thing was that after processing the shock and impact of the collision, he got back on the board and crushed out two more stellar runs, which is the footage of him featured in the brand film.

Super props to Jared Henry and the rest of the Fayettechill in America crew for handling this intense situation with control, safety, and a chill state of mind.

Image screenshot of video by Fayettechill Clothing Company on YouTube

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